Mail Art Exchange

History of how it all began:

Mail Art Exchange was an idea that evolved from Sian's "Pass The Book". As a recipient of  Pass the Book I received the "Good Mail Day", which is really a book about, instead of receiving the mundane mail which includes advertisements and bills, wouldn't it be nice to receive some decorated mail from your friends. With this in mind, I thought how could I incorporate this into my life? The book itself gives so many great ideas on how to create some mail art, but I wondered how could I involve the people I enjoy communicating with on a daily basis? The plan was developed... I put it out there on my blog and voila! People signed up.

How does it work?
  • I plan an exchange and announce it on my blog. 
  • Leave a comment on my blog so I know you are interested (sometimes e-mails end up in my spam file, so the comment helps me to identify that you are interested).
  • You send me an e-mail ( with your name, address and email address.  If you have a blog you can send that address as well and I will include it in the list. Please note: You do not require a blog to participate.
  • I will create a list with everyone's address and e-mail and send it to those who sign up.. 
  • You can send whatever you like (create a card if you want or write a poem), but send it in a decorated envelope to the recipient on the list (remember, it does not take much to decorate a piece of mail). You can use whatever you have in your stash (stamps and stickers work, or if you doodle, draw or even a bit of paint will work)... Or you could even use a post card and add your personal flair to it. I received a bookmark, a lovely memory folder, and a piece of mixed media art. Those are just some ideas.
  • You can also use everyday items from around your home... this tutorial is a great start!
  • I will set a deadline date for when individuals can sign up, and then I will send the list out to all "exchangers" within a suitable time frame.
  • I will indicate on the list who you will send your decorated mail to. If you do not wish to send your mail internationally please let me know.
  • The deadline date for mail being sent will be announced on the post. There is some flexibility with the deadline and if you are concerned then just contact me via e-mail. 
  • Please be respectful of other people's privacy. Any information provided on the list must not be shared with others outside of the exchange group. As well, if you have a blog, please do not show photos of the recipient's address. Thank you.
  • At the end of the exchange, should you wish to no longer remain on the list then please e-mail me and I will update the list. I do not wish to inundate the "exchangers" with e-mails of updated lists, and to be respectful of my time, I will only update the list once per month which will be the 30th of the month. 
I created a Flickr group for everyone to share their "Good Mail Day" or "Mail Art Exchange" photos. You can join it here

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