About Me

My name is Ginger and I live in the blooming metropolis of Edmonton, Canada. I started this blog in June of 2009 as a way to capture my life in a format that was new to me. I never was one to journal my life until I attended a Heidi Swapp workshop. Heidi inspired me to create this blog... a place where I could record my interests... and my life...
When I was young I would draw and paint... somewhere along the line I stopped and for many years I felt lost... like I was coasting without a sense of what my life was meant to be... You can read more about that here... 

I love scrapbooking, but I am not just a scrapbooker... I art journal, paint, dabble in PSE and create with mixed media... I also love to cook, read and listen to music and I believe in pushing your creative self and trying new things... step outside of that box. There are still so many things I want to do.

Other pieces of my life include a wonderful and supportive partner who lets me be myself and encourages me to do the things that make me happy. I also share my time with three furry children, Norman & Sophie (two cats) and Edwin (pooch). 

You can reach me at ginbin70@hotmail.com should you want to chat about anything :)


  1. Hello Ginger!
    I am interested in your Mail Art call, please include me! Thank you! Janel

  2. I'd also like to participate in a mail art exchange. :)
    I have no account to link to, but I can send you an email.