Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunshine, sand, art and whales

Buenos Dias! or... tardes... noches? Good day wherever you may be :) It is a lovely sunny morning here and although we still have lots of snow on the ground... there is a feeling of spring in the air and it has me thinking of warmer weather and BBQ's! So to continue with the warm weather theme I thought I would share some photos of our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which was back in January. I'm warning, this is a photo heavy post.

Puerto Vallarta is on the west coast of Mexico, where the temperatures were a consistent 28 C every day.

We walked lots... and saw many interesting things. The Malecon offers beautiful sunset views, amazing food and entertainment. These incredibly ornate sculptures were everywhere to be seen and photographed.

We took a break to sit and pose with the sculpted chairs.

I wonder if anyone ever really purchases boots such as these...

We continued with our journey down the Melacon and observed this acrobatic type entertainment.

I was too shy to sit with these gentleman... they were like moving sand statues.

I have wanted to go whale watching for years and one might think with my fear of water and all, it might not be on my bucket list of things to do. Well, I was thrilled to bits. I made the decision to not take my camera with me as I wanted to spend my time enjoying what I was about to see instead of worrying about the camera settings etc... so the next three photos are from the tour photographer. 

Before we set out that morning, our tour guide mentioned they had not seen any breaches for 5 days. She told us to keep our hearts open and to have no expectations. It was breathtaking... and we must have had a boat full of open hearts as these humpbacks put on a show... 

This one flapped his tail at least 8 times in a row...

At one point we were stunned at how close we came to this whale surfacing, you can see our guide telling our skipper to back it up!
We saw at least 15 breaches that morning... 8 of them repeatedly from one whale... incredible to say the least!

One afternoon we did the Art Gallery Walk, there are so many galleries in Puerto Vallarta, and lots of art to see.

Most evenings we sat in the hotel lobby to take in this incredible view and to watch the sunset...

And with that I will wish you all a great week ahead!


  1. what an amazing place, love those sculptures. Looks like you indeed all had open hearts for that wonderful whale watching experience - they are magical

  2. I really enjoyed looking at these photos today. With the added happy coincidence that you helped me think about my brother, who is in Mexico this week!

  3. Amazing photos, it looks like you had a great time x

  4. What wonderful photos....I've loved seeing them.

  5. You have made me want to book a trip to Mexico now :) We did look for this year but timing the holiday so we weren't in the rainy season didn't coincide with school holidays :( Maybe next year! amazing photos I'm surprised at how close you were to the whale x x x

  6. wow a great variety in your photos but so many fabulous shots I would love to go and see some of those sights, thanks for sharing them all it was great.

  7. These photos are fantastic, Ginger! Makes me want to go there. So awesome that you got to see those whales, and I had to laugh when I saw those boots! Search on YouTube for "Mexican Pointy Boots" and you'll find all kinds of videos of people dancing in them. :o)

  8. What stunning photos of a wonderful place - each full of an intriguing detail. I loved the sand statues and the ones flying/lying in the trees ... Thank-you for letting us have a little bit of sunshine-y holiday today!

  9. Wow! Some fantastic shots there Ginger. Mexico looks like an amazing place to visit.

  10. What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Still catching up!...looks like a really fun trip!
    Alison xx

  12. Lovely! Just simply lovely. I've never been to Puerto Vallarta but you've got me thinking we should go down there.

  13. Thank you so much for the detailed article.Thanks again.