Thursday, February 27, 2014

Month In Numbers | 2014 Wrap Up

Well hello there :) I'm still having computer issues, but I thought I would try and see if I can post something.

Last year I managed to complete a whole year of Month in Numbers and found by putting the numbers on a consistent layout design, it kept me on track with keeping up.

If you do not know what  Month In Numbers is, it's a meme started by Julie Kirk over at Notes on Paper. You can see her thoughts and ideas on what you could include in your own Month In Numbers if you look here.

Here is December's layout...

What a busy month December was! I received a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and you will see on this layout a couple cute cuts, the Santa and his sleigh as well as the deer. Unfortunately is was shortly after this I had problems with my computer and have not been able to use the cameo since! Oh well, I'm a fairly patient individual ;)

November's layout was lots of fun to create...

For the most part I tried to keep count of the same thing each month with a few additions. The red cup is another silhouette cut from the silhouette online store and let me tell you there are so many interesting things there!!

October's numbers...

Overall, I was really happy to be following along with Julie's Month In Numbers and although this year I have not been creating anything specific, I'm kind of missing this little project, so you never know, I may do a blog post every now and then with our numbers :)

Take care friends and have a wonderful evening, or day, where ever you may be!