Monday, July 29, 2013

Month In Numbers | June 2013

I know I'm posting June's numbers just a little late, but what the heck, now is just as good a time as any, right? :)

Month In Numbers is a meme started by Julie Kirk over at Notes on Paper. You can see her thoughts and ideas on what you could include in your own Month In Numbers if you look here.

I have managed to keep up with month in numbers and have quite a nice stack of layouts now and I love to look back at them to help me create and provide inspiration for my new monthly numbers.

I plan to pull some papers together this week and start preparing the basic layout for the coming months so I am ahead of the game! Overall, I still believe that is what's kept me at it this year!

Alright, now on to June's numbers :)

After looking at June's numbers I can see they are mostly related to the weather and I really wanted to include the statistics on the flood the southern part of our province experienced.

I looked back at my photos and we were very busy with the yard and gardening, finding flowers and planting them.

I forgot to add that I have read "0" books, and it would appear July will end in a zero as well! That's okay, we are doing lots of other things that are just as fun and relaxing and I'm sure there will be plenty of time for reading in the coming months.

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the last bits of July!



  1. I LOVE that stack of layouts!!! Love the bright colors, the style, everything! Your new page is amazing too! Since I use DT work to make my pages, I can't really work ahead but I love your idea of doing so.
    + BTW, I just posted my June numbers today too so don't feel too bad ;)

  2. Loving these bold, colorful, retro-y style layouts!

  3. Ginger these are beautiful! The colors and design really compliment your photos. Fabulous!

  4. June tends to be a garden/outdoor month,doesn't it.
    Your stack of pages looks wonderful.

  5. I love the idea of making a layout for each month, wish I'd thought of that!
    Love the style of layouts you have used too. Perfect!

  6. So happy to see all the pages together like that - your album must look amazing! Such glorious colours and just lovely work. And I love your plan to get ahead of the game too!

    What incredible figures you have on the floods - so many lives affected - I can see why you wanted to include them.

    I've been building a morning walk into my routine ... but forgot to count them! Maybe next month. And I'm amazed at myself for getting through my average of 4 books this month! I too thought I wouldn't have time with summer distracting me! So I'm not sure how I managed it!

    Your gorgeous page is on the board now:

    I'll look forward to your July page!

    Julie :-)

  7. Ooops. . . my comment seems to have disappeared mid-sentence.
    I was saying that I loved this on instagram and love it even more now that I see that all your min layouts have that similar awesome feeling from the craft background and bright, vibrant colors plus fun embelliies!
    Great job!

  8. What a brilliantly bright crop of pages! I really like how you have incorporated information from the world around you - a great reminder. And 31C? That must be a welcome relief after the winter you have had :).

  9. I LOVE seeing your stack of months! Love the colors and your design, half the year done, bravo ;)

  10. Oh these are fantastic pages, Gin! It's so much fun to see them laid out together like that, and I love the cohesive feel to them. Your style is just so crazy good, girl. I love it!

  11. I absolutely love that picture of the stack of pages! It pulled me in and made me want to reach out a hand and root through them all

  12. 81 photos on IG....i can see how :) loved finding you...i am still getting to grips with it! Great numbers and the colours are so cheerful x

  13. Another gorgeous layout and great numbers for the month x

  14. What a gorgeous stack of LOs!