Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Sunday | Sisters Spa Weekend

How has everyone's weekend been? We had a wedding on Friday and it has all passed so quickly... I will share some photos from the wedding another time... today I would like to share a few pictures from my sister's weekend at the Kingfisher Spa on Vancouver Island.

This is the first trip the four of us have ever taken away... all together! At the end, we agreed to do it again, perhaps every two years...

This was the lovely view we had from our walkout patio... glorious indeed. These are some of islands off the coast of British Columbia.
Many people from Alberta move to Vancouver Island, especially to retire. In talking with the ladies who gave me my spa treatments it is not surprising to hear them say they have no desire to leave the island. It is hard to not want to live here... the pace is certainly slower!
You can see the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the distance... There was mostly overcast skies for the majority of the trip, and on the last day when the sun was shining I didn't take a photo of the mountains! Ha Ha! I guess by that time I was so relaxed I was just soaking it all in!

We were staying in the "Eagle" room, which was so aptly named. There were eight bald headed eagles living at the resort and it was hard not wanting to take more photos, but after about 25 shots ... I decided to just enjoy them :)

It felt so good to get my big girl camera out and take these photos. I loved walking along the beach and seeing things in a different way... with a photographer's eye.

We did take a drive one day and stopped to see the Sea Lions...
They certainly look cute... but boy are they bossy! This one you can see basking in the sun would not let any other lion near his "spot"! When he decided to lay down he just pushed the guy off in front of him! When another lion would try to jump up, he would bark at them all... the noise sounded like "NO, NO, NO"! He looked like he was one of the elder Sea Lions so he was quite comfortable.

That is it for now... I will share more photos again... I'm sure you would like to see the food I ate! Right? In the meantime... here is one last photo of us settling into the room.

Do you have regular trips with your siblings and with out the spouses if there are any?

Take care friends!


  1. wow wow wow what a perfect place to have a break

  2. I don't get regular trips with my sis - but I wish I did! She and I love spending time together.

  3. Beautiful photos & locale! Sounds like a wonderful weekend away. I never travel with my sisters and only very rarely travel without Robbie (we have too much fun together!). I do enjoy a once or twice a year crop get-away.

  4. This looks and sounds such a tonic! Glad you had such a lovely time. Those photos are beautifully clear ...

  5. Blogger is eating comment after comment Ginger!

    I love it - looks sensational!

  6. Gorgeous photos, it looks like my kind of place. Yes, I do travel with my sisters and also with friends. Stephen and I travel alone and with the boys a good bit but there is a special bonding that happens when we womenfolk are alone that I cherish and that I am positive make me a better wife, mother and person.

  7. Just looking at your photos has made me feel relaxed, it looks beautiful there x

  8. So glad you enjoyed your time with your sisters!
    Alison xx

  9. That looks like quite the getaway spot. Lovely pics.

  10. It looks like it was a wonderful relaxing time. Love that "eye" photo. No I don't travel with my sister, in fact hardly ever see her. (:

  11. My sister and I don't have any regular trips together, but I think we should start! Vancouver has long been on my list of places to visit ~ stunning photos.

  12. So much beauty. I love the sea lions. I havent heard them bark in years. I might this summer. Hopefully , fingers crossed and toes. Lovely blog.