Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Cup of Tea...

Once a month, Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams, has invited us to come sit and have a cup of tea.  It provides us a time and place to share with each other what is happening in our day to day life.

If you were to come over and share a cup of tea with me I would invite you into my home and we would sit in the front room and depending on the weather… we may even sit outside on the patio.

I would likely start by telling you I have three family weddings coming up in the next few months and all of them are on Marvin’s side. I would tell you, I have been asked to “take some candid shots” at my brother in laws dinner which is in 3 weeks, and I would ask if you had any tips on using an external flash. I then would laugh and admit I’ve not used mine before. It doesn't even have a battery in it and I have owned it for almost two years!

I would tell you I started a new job before Christmas as a manager and I would share this was something I never thought I would have done in my career, but that I am enjoying it very much. I would share part of the reason I made this leap is because I am concerned with the impending retirement of our baby boomers and the challenges this presents with succession planning. I want to be closer to our front line staff and encourage them and help facilitate change. I see so many postive things every day and it's makes me proud. 

I would tell you I am looking forward to this weekend because it is National Scrapbooking Day weekend and I am planning to crop with my sister in law and a few good friends! I would share with you what projects I am currently working on. My “this is me” album is something I started just a month ago from a class I was taking at Studio Calico. I would tell you it has given me a good push to record some of my childhood stories! I would also share with you my Project Life album and although I am now 5 weeks behind, the intention is to catch up this weekend.

Lastly, I would share how excited I am for my upcoming sister’s trip to Vancouver Island, where we will spend 4 days at a spa, having daily treatments. This is our first trip the four of us have ever taken together! We are all looking forward too it and I cannot wait to take some photos of the seaside.

If you would like to see more posts from others, or participate, stop by Abi's. Her linky is still open.

Have a wonderful night my friends :)



  1. What a lovely visit we would have! I still plan to be up there one day in real life!! :>)

    I would tell you that I'm also excited about this weekend & will have my Mama & a friend here to scrap with me.

  2. I am so excited for your sisters' trip, have a glorious time and enjoy each other!

  3. Can I pop round at the weekend for a cuppa, please? Tea, chat and scrapping = perfect!

  4. Your sisters trip sounds wonderful. I bet you come back with some great stories to tell

  5. Why am I not at all surprised that you would have such a pretty artsy tea cup? And I'll be joining you this weekend with the scrapbooking. I have Saturday to myself and intend to spend it getting my craft on!

  6. Thank you so much for having me. I've had a lovely time catching up with all your news, you've so many exciting things happening in your life.

  7. and I would say....three family weddingS...gosh Ginger.......i'd love that! Good luck with the photography. I've never used an external flash either - i'm sure you'll master the art x

  8. Busy, busy but what great things to look forward to. I have enjoyed catching up and though I should be able to help you out with the flash I seem to have forgotten everything I learnt :0)
    Good luck and enjoy x

  9. What a nice catch-up! And I love your "this is me" page. I remember when I used to go to big crops for NSD. Not so much anymore but maybe I'll come up with a small SB project this weekend.

  10. Oh my gosh - how exciting to have a sister trip like that to look forward to! Yay!!!

    External flash: get your batteries and bring extras just in case! Point it forward and up 45° and you should be just fine. :o) Have fun!

  11. Yes, have spare batteries for the flash and extra CF cards for the camera - you will take way more than you expect.

    Depending on your location, where you angle the flash changes ... in my limited experience. If you are inside and have a white ceiling I find angling the flash towards the ceiling creates a more natural colour and it's easier with WB etc. Don't stand too close to your subject otherwise they will all have shadows around them. If you are outside and a good distance away and the light is pretty bad, angling the flash more directly is okay .... if you can get your hands on a diffuser before the big day - all the better.

    What I did before all three weddings of siblings was to go to the place where the weddings were held and practise ... might not be possible for you but it helped a lot for me. If not, try to emulate the conditions somehow - makes the world of difference.

    Lot's to chat about and we haven't even started on J&C!

  12. Glad I dropped by - the teacup and the company were both charming. Enjoy your crop on NSD.

  13. So glad I dropped by, exciting to have three weddings AND a sisters' trip to look forward to!
    Alison xx

  14. Nice to 'meet' you for a cup of tea. You are going to be busy with all the weddings coming up this year. I hope it goes well when you take the photos with your flash, I have just started using mine and have found it works well on auto, I usually bounce the flash towards the ceiling which seems to work.
    Thanks for the chap

  15. I would love to pop in for a cuppa with you! Sounds like you have a busy time ahead so I'm sure you'll really enjoy your time at the spa x