Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thank You, Sir.


Edmonton thanks you Sir Paul McCartney!

For those of you heading to tonight's show, there are two encores and 3 hours of entertainment!

Amazing... Amazing...Amazing!

Oh and for the doubters... trust me he can still sing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life Series | How do you keep up? Part 2

Hello again! This is the second installment of my Project Life Series where I am sharing methods or tips on what helps to keep me up to speed with my Project Life album. Last week many of you shared your own ideas for how you plan Ali’s Week in the Life or December Daily, and Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas.  I shared my photo and note taking tips last week. You can find them here. Today I would like to discuss the layout spread.

If you are not purchasing one of Becky’s Project Life kits, then my biggest tip is to have your papers cut to the size you need for your album and any journaling cards printed/bought and ready. Having this done is the biggest time saver of all, especially if you are concerned about being efficient. There are LOTS of free printables on Pinterest. You can read more about how I created my own PL kit from here.

The Layout Spread
  • Last week I mentioned I don’t photo edit until I am ready to print my photos. My reasoning? This is when I plan what will go in the layout. I keep in mind which photos are horizontal and which are vertical. I use American Crafts page protectors and two page spreads alternating between two styles of protectors. A 12x12 protector with 6 horizontal 4x6 pockets and a 10x12 protector with 3 horizontal 4x6 pockets and 2 vertical 4x6 pockets.
  • There are many sizes of page protectors from a variety of companies. I find when I have several weeks to plan, it is useful to sketch the layout spread because it helps me to keep it consistent.
I found this app called Pic Frame and tested it out. You might find it visually useful too and the great thing about it is the amount of collage spreads you can access, all of which could easily be translated into the Project Life layout. Here is a screenshot from an example I used.

This is the closest to the style of the10x12 page protector I use. You can make little notes too which is helpful for planning. After I have organized my layout  based on this pic frame above, then I save it into my camera roll on my phone to refer back to. Once the spread is complete I delete it. If you are interested in using the collage feature to print out photos you can change the size of the format. So if you wanted to make a 4x6 photo collage, or even a 3x4 you can change the ratio. Very cool! It does cost $0.99 though (worth it I think).
  • I collect the printed photos for each week and open up my album.
  • I place them in the pockets working quickly from left to right.

  •  I always keep the top left pocket open for my weekly introduction. This includes the dates for the week.
  • I move on to the next week and place the photos in the pockets and so on.
  •  Once I have all the photos placed, then I pick up my stack of 4x6 patterned papers and choose one for the top left pocket. I look then to see which pockets are empty and this is when I go back and review what I would like to journal or document. 

  •  I find my 3x4 cards and pick whatever is appropriate. Some are for journaling and some are patterned paper. 

  • Once I have everything in its place I start to embellish. My embellishing decreases when I feel I am behind schedule.

That’s it. That is the process I use.

I am looking forward to American Crafts teaming up with Becky and Project Life! I already noticed they have more variety of page protector sizes, this is VERY exciting.

Thank you for all of your comments and interest in this form of scrapbooking. I know for myself it has truly changed how I document our life and to me that has made this so very worth it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's Happening in Your World?

Why is it that November seems like the new December? I have organized myself with every intention of getting things done with plenty of time to spare, but there are things popping up to alter my plans. I suppose that's life and I'm trying to keep some perspective here.

I am busily planning my 3rd Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange and thank goodness I got the cookies made, but I was a week behind in that and now I won't have time to make a fruitcake - something I really wanted to do this year. *Sigh*.

Theory has it purchasing a prelit Christmas tree saves time with set up, that is until you discover several sections will not light up. This results in a painstakingly, 2 hours + of going through section by section, light by light, ensuring each one is working and not going to start a fire at which point it's hard not to give up when you realize you have no replacement bulbs. *bigger sigh*

Having said that, I did have a great Saturday. I finished making the base to my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas Album. I took Nadine's class and we had a great time. I love how the album turned out and I look forward to next weekend! Thanks Nadine!

I do have something crafty to share. This layout was sitting on my art table for a couple weeks and I finally finished it up this morning. It was made based on Shimelle's layout, she challenged us to use this design. I have to say it was very challenging for me as I seem to never use more than one photo these days and it's probably the reason for taking this long to finish it!

On another note, I have my new iPhone and LOVE it! Why the heck did it take me so long to get one??? Anyway, I am excited about all the photo apps and all the new discoveries :)

I hope you all have a great week. I will be back with the second post to my Project Life Series.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project Life Series | How do you keep up?

After starting this post I soon realized I had lots to say about Project Life! So I have decided to divide it into two separate posts.

A few weeks ago when we returned from our vacation to Alaska, I had a look at my Project Life album and realized I was 5 weeks behind with my weekly layout spreads. Reality is, this will happen given how busy our lives are, but what I hope to achieve in this post is to help decrease the stress you may experience. With just a little bit of planning you can rest easy and know you are in a good spot. I have based my tips on my experience this year and on the process that works for me. There are many different ways of playing along with PL and most of you who are already doing it will have your own method, these are some ideas I have found helped me.

Today I want to focus on the photos and reflection (notes).

I find if I have my photos organized into files then it takes a lot of the pressure off what I am printing and placing in my album. You might choose to do your photo editing at this stage if you like, but I usually wait until I am ready to print.
 ·         Each new month I create photo files labeled PL

·         Within those files I create new weekly files with the dates for the week (I start my week on Mondays, some people like a Sunday start). You could also add the week number if you prefer. Most Project Lifers post the week number on their blog, I might consider adding this to my files next year – only because I can never remember what week I am posting and always have to look it up from my previous blog post.
·         At least once a week I upload all photos from my camera and cell phone.
·         Once I have the photos uploaded I use this time to go through them and pick which ones I will utilize in my PL spread. I add them to the weekly file.
·         If I am several weeks behind I typically will not do extensive photo editing. Unless you feel strongly about having perfect photos, this will save you lots of time.
·         I have a photo printer at home and find this convenient, but that doesn’t mean you need one. Recently, I ran out of printer cartridges and used the same system above for the photo-lab I access.You can use Picasa to edit your photos or make collages and then upload to the photo-lab if you like.

Reflection/Keeping Notes

I will admit reflecting on what has transpired each week is not something I keep up with on a weekly basis. This is actually my weakness, but I am here to tell you I make it work and I don’t let it bother me. Here is how I plan around this:

·         Windows has “sticky notes” I post on my desktop. I will use a new color sticky note for each week and start tracking what I think I want to include in my weekly spread. These are quick notes and mine are not very detailed. They are what I refer back to when I do my journaling on my spreads.
 ·         At times if I have more detailed information I want to track I will create a word document. This was helpful while on vacation where there was lots happening.

·         There are organizational apps out there like Evernote and Cathy Zielske shared the Day One app for iPhone users which is like a journaling app.
·        Typically I refer back to my uploaded photos for the week. This in itself will help to remind me what has transpired each week. Other things that assist are reviewing emails, referring back to my work schedule and looking at the calendar.

·         I print off emails, save screenshots of conversations from textiing, online classes, pinterest etc. I save ticket stubs and any other memorabilia I want to add.  
At first you might think it is too time consuming but once you get into it you will find a rhythm that works for you.

Next week I will share my process of creating a layout spread.

What do you use to organize your photos and notes with your Project Life? Do you have any great apps you utilize for Project Life? I would love to hear.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Couple Remix Layouts and Updates

This post is brought to you by Shimelle's Scrapbook Remix  class.

I have a couple more layouts to share and I just want to say, it has been a bit of time since I signed up for a Shimelle class and I forgot how generous she is in course content. Not only is she giving us 20 different prompts there are also videos showing her process and then added handouts and worksheets. So well worth it. You can still sign up by clicking on the photo above. We still have one week of class!

Now on to my layouts. This one below, I used some scraps which I sewed together to provide a base for the photo.

My second layout is from our trip to Vancouver. I tried this stacking method you see so much now. It's fun to put together a mix of pattern papers, yet have lots of white space left for journaling.
Coming up this week, I hope to have a post on how to catch up with your Project Life and soon I will have a post where I will share my personal thoughts on the books I have read this year!

On the weather front, we did have 25 cm of snow last week and yesterday morning it was -20C. Thank goodness for snow tires and heated seats! Something I do enjoy about winter is the reflection of the morning/evening light off of the snow. I'm not sure how to capture it yet in a photograph and what settings to play with on my camera (any tips are welcome). I hope to take a photo walk soon and maybe have something to share.

On another note... a little birdie told me my BB will one day soon no longer be working... what does this mean??? One thing and one thing only... an iPhone is looming large in the very near distant future. So... I will be in search of all the cool apps... what do you use... what can you not live without? Tell me please!

In the meantime... keep it real peeps!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project Life | Weeks 36 & 37

Good Evening! How is everyone? There are lots of things happening around here and I am sorry I haven't had a chance to stop by and visit, but I hope to be able to soon. I am trying to be more organized on the home front and so it means less time on the computer and more time with things that require my focus.

Today I want to share with you two weeks of Project Life and next week I plan to share some tips on how to "catch up" when you feel like you're behind. In the meantime lets move on to week 36 from September.

Week 36
This week is for those of you who have shared your concerns about what to do when you do not have many photos. You will see I included only one picture is this weeks spread. This was the first week where I was only down to one, but you know what? I wasn't worried. There seems to always be something to place in those slots! If you look closely you will see I received a speeding ticket... yes I included it in there and it is a good reminder for me to pay attention. 
You will notice above and below, two decorated mini-envelopes. When I have some private journaling I want to include, I use these little envelopes, which I pick up at Treasured Memories, and slide the journaling in them. Then I just added a couple sheets of patterned papers/Hambly transparency to give variety, along with some more journaling cards and before you know it... the slots are filled up!

Week 37

Those colorful leaves you see in the top slot on the right, they came from Cavalia a show me and Arlene went to see. It was fantastic and I managed to collect those die cut leaves knowing I would place them in my PL album.
There it is. Another episode of PL!

A Project Real Life update: I am enjoying the Project Real Life class and the messages Becky is bringing us about cultivating a better life. It definitely has me thinking about things differently. This weeks message is about living in gratitude, not just during happy moments, but to take the time to reflect daily on what you are grateful for. None of this is new for me and I'm sure it isn't new for you either, but there are things I can improve on and that will be my focus. I have a little book now at my bedside and I plan to look back on my day and write down what I am grateful for. Here are a couple experiences from Tuesday:
  • I start work earlier now and arrive at the office at 0715. Most mornings I think about how early it is and wish I could still be in bed! I watched an incredibly beautiful sun rise and it made me think there are some people who would love to be able to see this.
  • A close friend made me laugh today and I really wanted to take some time to acknowledge how much I appreciate and value our friendship so I made her a card. 
I hope you all have a wonderful evening and stay warm!