Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's On Your Cell Phone? | Blog Hop - Q3

Hi There! Welcome to the What's on Your Cell Phone Blog Hop! You might remember back in July, Natalie from Almost Never Clever asked us to join her in sharing the photos on our cell phones. Well it is the end of the third quarter and she wants to know, what's on your cell phone?

My cell phone photos almost doubled from what I took in the last quarter, with more than 60 downloaded I thought I would share a handful with you today. Some of these you may have already seen posted here.

  • That first photo on the top left were salt and pepper shakers from one of the shops I venture to during lunch breaks.
  •  I tend to take lots of food photos with the cell and my colleagues know to expect it. 
  • During the London Olympics the shops got into the spirit of things by hanging flags. 
  • Sushi cones... yummo!
  • A pair of shoes I tried on... I didn't buy them but thought they were kinda cute!
  • fish tacos from Original Joes
  • a photo of my passport while waiting in line to have it renewed
  • we took the train to the Il Divo concert and I love that black and white shot with the reflection of my sister in the window

  • Our backyard
  • Those are the tents for Cavalia. My sister Arlene and I went and we loved it!
  • Me and Tammy waiting at the airport for our flight
  • OK - you got me here. I did not really take this photo of Sullivan Stapleton - but I did download it to share with my friend Jen, so it in fact was on my cell phone in the photos section! I thought it would provide you with a little eye candy!! Anyone else a fan of Strikeback?
  • we enjoyed these white pear martini's
  • Our view from our hotel in Vancouver
  • dinner at Joe Fortes
  • window shopping
  • a photo of Marvin and I at Roger's Centre just before the Madonna concert
There you have it! Just a glimpse at what was on my phone from July-September.

Now you can move on to the next stop which is Danielle over at Eco Scrapbook

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  1. Phone photos are so - immediate. I'm a huge fan becasue they give such a true glimpse into your life. It's a cool idea for a blog hop

  2. What an interesting idea :) I don't use the camera on my phone much because I nearly always have my 'big' camera with me, so I'm intrigued now to take a look at what pics actually are on my phone...

  3. Fun idea for a blog hop. What a great selection of snapshots of your life. I don't really use the camera on my phone, it's not that great! I've had it for a year and I think there may be half a dozen shots on there.

  4. Mmmmm, your post is making me hungry!

  5. Great photos Ginger I like how you grouped them all together!

  6. Hi Ginger! Such fun photos! Those huge eye flowers are really cool...I would've stopped to photograph them too!

  7. So I'm not the only one who takes pictures of potential shoe purchases? Good to know I'm not alone :)

    Seems like you went to a lot of shows - I love it!

    Thanks for participating!

  8. Oh, I totally downloaded a pic of Joe Manganiello to show my bestie. My husband was all..what is this for? Ha.

  9. Great photos! Especially love the salt & pepper shakers - they're perfect for Halloween or the Day of the Dead.

  10. Love your photos Ginger! I really need to get in the habit of taking more food at restaurant photos. I'm usually so busy visiting that it's only after we are eating that I think, doh - should have taken a shot when the food arrived. And yum, that martini is making me thirsty! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. I remember that bride! LOL! And, ooh, don't do who that Sullivan guy is, but he's really cute!

  12. I am a big fan of Richard Armitage who was in the original Strikeback - Sullivan Stapleton is an Aussie ... not bad hey?! ;-) Gosh, I am so easily distracted!

  13. Great idea for a blog hop and, as Sian says, so immediate! Lovely collection, especially together like this. As my mobile/cell phone does not take photos, I can only admire from afar!

  14. Such a great variety! I don't know who Sullivan Stapleton is but thank you for introducing me.

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