Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer Scavenger Hunt Mini Book

Hi There! I hope your week is going well! Things are good and I am just working on a few projects but this one I finished last weekend at the scrapbooking gathering with my friends. I also managed to get completely caught up with my Project Life album and will share some more pages soon.

Do you remember this post?  

Well I thought I better share some photos of my mini album all complete with photos from the hunt.

That's the cover which I jazzed up a little bit!
My take on the "train". For each photo I added a little description or a memory I wanted to record.
My sister actually took this photo... albeit with my camera and at my direction! We were in the car driving and pulled over to the opposite side of the road to park the car so she could get a nice clear shot - she just happened to be sitting on that side of the vehicle.
 The final page I'm sharing here is of the fountain at our Legislature Grounds.

I have just heard on the news we are expecting snow on Sunday :) Lovely, eh? Well we have had a wonderful summer, but a very short Fall if this is the case! I'm sure the forecasters are wrong... fingers crossed.

Here is something else I have wanted to share... you might remember my window art layout... Ruth shared this photo all the way from London!
I don't know about you, but when I see these "all seeing eye flowers" I would love to have some in a smaller version that I could scrapbook with! Thanks Ruth!!


  1. Oooh, I love the matching windows - how observant of Ruth!
    Your mini is adorable Ginger :-)

  2. Oh Ginger, that mini makes me so happy!

  3. Gorgeous mini-album Ginger. Wonderful papers and colours you have used, just lovely.
    Those flowers would be great to scrapbook. Good spotting on Ruth's part!

  4. Love the mini album,Ginger....a lovely idea to add a memory with the photo.

  5. I love your minibook, Ginger :) Really must do something with my scavenger hunt photos!

    The flowers remind me of a pop-up card I've made - it's on this post: (near the bottom of the page)

  6. Your mini book is wonderful! Such fun to see my photo on your blog, thanks!

  7. Gorgeous album! It's the scavenger hunt that keeps on giving :)

    Snow? wow! I think we'll need some pretty pictures

  8. You really are the master at putting together these kinds of mini book Ginger. It's lovely x

  9. Love your scavenger hunt album! I managed to include my photos in my Focus album, but no creativity involved - just slipping the photos into sleeves and writing a description. Maybe next year I'll do something pretty with them!

  10. Snow? surely not? Hard to believe that winter is creeping ever closer! Love the album, it's come together beautifully.

  11. Your slbum is lovely Ginger. Still to do mine...

  12. Love the colours of your mini....and I obviously missed your window art post...these flowers re stunning!

    Alison xx

  13. I love your mini too!!! Not only for its design and colors but for the whole idea of gathering those great photos in one place. Love that you have the prompt and its number + a little bit of context for each! Fantastic!

  14. OH, I would like some of those flowers to scrap with, too! Your mini-album looks great. I've ordered my scavenger hunt photos but haven't had time to do anything crafty this month!

    BTW - would you please check this post on my blog ( and confirm any Pass the Books you currently have (I'm trying to get my Pass the Book page updated). THANKS!!!

  15. I love how your mini book turned out! What a fun project!