Thursday, October 11, 2012

Project Life | Weeks 30-32

I spent the weekend catching up on some Project Life and photo editing. I need to print out some more photos because this coming weekend, some of us girls are gathering at my friend Robyn's cabin to scrap... my job is to bring the snacks! Any suggestions?

I am almost completely caught up with the past 5 weeks of PL, but I'm still behind in sharing here. So here we go... Weeks 30-33 are from July & August... Let's get started.

Week 30

I tried something different here. I used photos from my cell which I picmixed and this made them 4x4 in size. I use American Crafts page protectors, they have 4x6 pockets. So I printed the photos off on a 4x6 sized photo with a journaling spot I created in PSE. I don't mind how it turned out, but I would love to see some 4x4 options with the American Crafts page protectors.
Week  31
For this weeks PL spread, I used some die cuts kindly sent to me by Jacky. I thought they were a perfect edition given the London Olympics ( you will notice she used a map for the dies). During the Olympic hype, High Street decorated in the spirit.
I am enjoying looking back at these spreads and seeing the progression of our backyard makeover.
Week 33

I mentioned I am taking Becky's Project Real Life and I am enjoying it. She had some great prompts for photo ideas and I look forward to incorporating them into my PL layout from this week. She also has asked us  to put some thought into how we would like our life to look 3 months from now. At the time of writing this post I haven't had a moment yet to sit and think, but plan to soon.

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Still loving your pages. I'm in Becky's class too, but of course I'm sick now and totally not motivated to participate...

    for the crop, I recommend Saltine Toffee - it's salty and sweet and chocolate all rolled into one! I blogged the recipe here:

  2. wonderful Ginger - every time i see your PL i think i will do this next year!

  3. I like how you've done those 4x4 photos on 4x6 cards, that's another idea I'm mentally filing away for when I do Project Life myself next year! :)

  4. You have a really great variety of embellishments, but they all still fit together really well!

  5. Ginger, you are the perfect person to be in charge of the food - you will make wonderful choices! I do like Cheri's suggestion too.

    I am interested to hear about Becky's class, there has been little spoken about it so far .... or I am reading the wrong blogs!

  6. I know that I always say - wow, this is going to be an amazing record, but that's because that's what I really do think! Total respect for keeping going with this with the care and dedication we can see on every page

  7. Love your pages....such a wonderful variety pf pages.

  8. I love all of your spreads! I wish someone would start making album inserts for us 8.5x11 scrappers.

  9. I love seeing all your Project Life pages. You have the perfect knack of pulling together all those different bits and pieces to make coherent and interesting spreads with so much to look at :o)
    I took chocolate muffins and lemon drizzle to my last crafty get together, which went down very well. Both recipes are on my blog x

  10. Wow, you are really doing it up right. Gorgeous photos and all that journaling!! Go, you! I myself need to catch up - I'm doing just 2 pages per month and I have all my summer photos and memorabilia stacked up here to work on. Thanks for the inspiration to get it done!

  11. Good for you for keeping up! Your pages are very inspiring, I love the overall look of them!