Tuesday, October 30, 2012

B-Sides and Rarities

Wasn't that the name of one of Sarah McLachlan's albums? Or at least close to it. I'm going to share a couple layouts from Shimelle's latest class "Scrapbooking Remix". It's a fun one, and one that is making me get crafty.

The first day had us looking at Bella Blvd's Sunshine and Happiness papers. Think cherries, trees and lots of cute bright colors. Now I like cute bright colors, but I'm not much for picking papers with strawberries, cherries and trees... or AM I?? I do, but usually am picking them for the B-sides (we will get to that a little later).

Shimelle shared 4 different layouts with a variety of messages and opportunities to think of how one might utilize such fun papers. I decided to go with as many colors as possible! So I shopped my stash and found some Pink Paislee, "Hometown Summer" papers, although now that I look at that watermelon paper, I'm not certain if it is Pink Paislee... oh well.

When I saw the summery papers in Shimelles handout, I knew I needed to create a summer layout too, given our lovely wintery weather!
I count 6-7 colors here. I love the little boy and girl I cut out from the back of the yellow paper.

Day two, Shimelle picked Everyday Eclectic, by Echo Park. I love Echo Park paper but because we were to look for B-Sides I searched my stash and picked Studio Calico, Pebbles and Crate Paper and I think the yellow is Paislee Press.
 Every one of the papers picked are the B-side, except the yellow one. I couldn't just focus on B-sides and wanted to add some color to the layout. The yellow worked well.

The first layout took no time to create, but then this one had me going back to it. I placed a private journaling card below the photo and attached it with some strong tape.
This class does have me looking at papers in a different way. That's it. What about you? Do you like B-sides? I know I always loved the B-sides on albums, sometimes even more than the popular song.
Have a good night friends!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Life | Weeks 33 - 35

I have a more weeks of Project Life to share here with you. These are from mid August to the beginning of September.

Week 33
We have been eating lots of quinoa while below are some pictures of Duchess Bakery. A place near work where you can find some wonderful baked goods, but also some flavorful sandwiches. We have since moved offices and I miss all our afternoon outings immensely.
Week 34
This week my sister and I made pickles, but a lot of the jars ended up not sealing properly! I think we have learned a thing or two from the process, so next year we will have all jars sealed!

 Week 35
I really loved Stieg Larsson's "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" Trilogy and found I couldn't put the books down.
 Some photos of our weekend visit at home.
I am still keeping up with the Project Real Life and whenever I can I hop into the forum and check the boards. I cannot believe I missed the chat on Tuesday! I will be reading the transcript when I have a moment. This weeks topic was on cultivating your relationships. To me my family is most important and they are who I focus on. I have learned a thing or two in this weeks lessons and plan to take action.

I have also signed up for Shimelle's Scrapbook Remix class and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. This year has not been so full of making layouts and so I decided to join the class for some crafty inspiration. I hope to have few layouts ready to share this weekend!

Have a good evening friends!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simply A Moment | October

Alexa over at Trimming the Sails has a beautiful way of writing and she had an idea taken from Ali's, 31 Things class to document a moment in time once a month. She is inviting anyone who is interested to participate. I like the idea of this as it not only increases one's writing skills but it truly gives a snapshot of any given moment and in essence captures your thoughts, feelings, sights and sounds.

Sunday, October 21, 2012. 0810.

Silence. I awaken and glance at the clock. Five and a half hours. Do I try for more? I don’t think so. I pull myself up and find my lounging pants and a long sleeved t-shirt. I feel a slight coolness in the air as I dress. I walk the few steps to my art rom and glance at the thermostat; 19 degrees Celsius, and just then the furnace kicks in. Good. I turn into the spare room and search for the 5lb dumbbell on the floor. I sit on the edge of the bed and hold it in my right hand. I begin to count. 

Once I’m in my art room I pull up the shade. I notice the pink edges in the sky from the morning sunrise. I see the smoke in the air from the neighbour’s chimney and wonder how many days we have before the snow that falls will remain on the ground. I turn on my Blackberry and pull up the weather network. Minus 4 degrees Celsius it reads. Not long I conclude. I contemplate what the day will bring and am happy to remember I picked up the groceries yesterday and may not leave the house today. It feels like a good day to stay inside and craft.

Bending to open the container of cat food, I stretch to place one scoop for Norman and one for Sophie. Sophie’s dish still has food in it and I make a mental note to watch and see if she is eating Edwin’s food. I wonder if I should start the coffee and think better of it. Marvin is still asleep. I will wait.

I turn to my Blackberry again and pull up the file containing the list of books I am interested in reading. I think again of last weekend and the girls get together for scrapbooking. Many of the books on the list were entered from the suggestions they had. No. You need to finish the one you started in your Kobo reader. I make another mental note to see if any of these are already on my bookshelf downstairs. 

Looking at my desk I glance at the travel album I have put together and start to write a list of things to add to it. Where is that copy of the travel journal I liked and printed off this summer? I sift through some piles with no luck. In the bedroom I hear Marvin clearing his throat and I look up. I notice the sky is no longer pink but blue and I turn to head downstairs to check on the animals and brew the coffee.

Alexa has so generously provided a template for the layout design if you would like to do yours as a digital layout. She has also provided a pdf file of how you might approach your journaling and gives some great prompts. You can find the prompt download here.

If you would like to read more "Simply a Moment" entries, have a look here.

Thanks Alexa!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer Scavenger Hunt Mini Book

Hi There! I hope your week is going well! Things are good and I am just working on a few projects but this one I finished last weekend at the scrapbooking gathering with my friends. I also managed to get completely caught up with my Project Life album and will share some more pages soon.

Do you remember this post?  

Well I thought I better share some photos of my mini album all complete with photos from the hunt.

That's the cover which I jazzed up a little bit!
My take on the "train". For each photo I added a little description or a memory I wanted to record.
My sister actually took this photo... albeit with my camera and at my direction! We were in the car driving and pulled over to the opposite side of the road to park the car so she could get a nice clear shot - she just happened to be sitting on that side of the vehicle.
 The final page I'm sharing here is of the fountain at our Legislature Grounds.

I have just heard on the news we are expecting snow on Sunday :) Lovely, eh? Well we have had a wonderful summer, but a very short Fall if this is the case! I'm sure the forecasters are wrong... fingers crossed.

Here is something else I have wanted to share... you might remember my window art layout... Ruth shared this photo all the way from London!
I don't know about you, but when I see these "all seeing eye flowers" I would love to have some in a smaller version that I could scrapbook with! Thanks Ruth!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Project Life | Weeks 30-32

I spent the weekend catching up on some Project Life and photo editing. I need to print out some more photos because this coming weekend, some of us girls are gathering at my friend Robyn's cabin to scrap... my job is to bring the snacks! Any suggestions?

I am almost completely caught up with the past 5 weeks of PL, but I'm still behind in sharing here. So here we go... Weeks 30-33 are from July & August... Let's get started.

Week 30

I tried something different here. I used photos from my cell which I picmixed and this made them 4x4 in size. I use American Crafts page protectors, they have 4x6 pockets. So I printed the photos off on a 4x6 sized photo with a journaling spot I created in PSE. I don't mind how it turned out, but I would love to see some 4x4 options with the American Crafts page protectors.
Week  31
For this weeks PL spread, I used some die cuts kindly sent to me by Jacky. I thought they were a perfect edition given the London Olympics ( you will notice she used a map for the dies). During the Olympic hype, High Street decorated in the spirit.
I am enjoying looking back at these spreads and seeing the progression of our backyard makeover.
Week 33

I mentioned I am taking Becky's Project Real Life and I am enjoying it. She had some great prompts for photo ideas and I look forward to incorporating them into my PL layout from this week. She also has asked us  to put some thought into how we would like our life to look 3 months from now. At the time of writing this post I haven't had a moment yet to sit and think, but plan to soon.

Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's On Your Cell Phone? | Blog Hop - Q3

Hi There! Welcome to the What's on Your Cell Phone Blog Hop! You might remember back in July, Natalie from Almost Never Clever asked us to join her in sharing the photos on our cell phones. Well it is the end of the third quarter and she wants to know, what's on your cell phone?

My cell phone photos almost doubled from what I took in the last quarter, with more than 60 downloaded I thought I would share a handful with you today. Some of these you may have already seen posted here.

  • That first photo on the top left were salt and pepper shakers from one of the shops I venture to during lunch breaks.
  •  I tend to take lots of food photos with the cell and my colleagues know to expect it. 
  • During the London Olympics the shops got into the spirit of things by hanging flags. 
  • Sushi cones... yummo!
  • A pair of shoes I tried on... I didn't buy them but thought they were kinda cute!
  • fish tacos from Original Joes
  • a photo of my passport while waiting in line to have it renewed
  • we took the train to the Il Divo concert and I love that black and white shot with the reflection of my sister in the window

  • Our backyard
  • Those are the tents for Cavalia. My sister Arlene and I went and we loved it!
  • Me and Tammy waiting at the airport for our flight
  • OK - you got me here. I did not really take this photo of Sullivan Stapleton - but I did download it to share with my friend Jen, so it in fact was on my cell phone in the photos section! I thought it would provide you with a little eye candy!! Anyone else a fan of Strikeback?
  • we enjoyed these white pear martini's
  • Our view from our hotel in Vancouver
  • dinner at Joe Fortes
  • window shopping
  • a photo of Marvin and I at Roger's Centre just before the Madonna concert
There you have it! Just a glimpse at what was on my phone from July-September.

Now you can move on to the next stop which is Danielle over at Eco Scrapbook

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Storytelling Sunday | A Lifetime of Philately

It’s the first Sunday of the month and that can only mean one thing. It is Storytelling Sunday, a time for bloggers from around the world to gather and tell their stories. 

I was quite young the first time I heard that word… phil-at-el-ist. When I overheard my dad talking about philately, I asked him what it meant. He told me it was what he did... collect stamps. My dad loves to talk about stamps and he has a sparkle in his eye when you ask him to show you his collection. That’s just what I did when we visited in September.
These are the same books I remember from 35 years ago, when I was a young child standing in my dad’s office. Back then he had supplies spread out over a table. A water bath, tweezers, pages with black and white copies of old stamps(they showed where the collected stamp was to be placed) and special glue.

I had a few questions I wanted to ask him and this is what he had to say.

How old were you when you started to collect stamps?

I was a young boy. I know it was before I started school.

How did you come to collect them?

I removed them from the envelopes of the letters sent to us. Then when I started school I saved my money and would order them from catalogs. I traded with some of the other boys from school as well. 

What is it about stamp collecting that you enjoy? 

It is a form of relaxation for me and they are like little pieces of art, each one different from the other.

Do you have any favourites? No, I like them all, but I do like the engraved ones. They are the older style where the ink was placed on metal plates and then transferred or rolled onto the paper. It was quite the process.

 Dad also showed his American Philatelist Society membership card he has held since 1965. Once he turned 65 he was given lifetime membership status. 
Thanks Dad!

This story is brought to you by way of Sian's Storytelling Sunday where you can join in on the first Sunday of every month. You can tell a short story, a long one, or maybe share a few words with a photo. Anything goes! You can see more stories from this month here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Window Art

Hello Friends! Well it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of things after holidays but I have a few things to look forward to this week. Thursday,  Project Real Life begins at Big Picture Classes and I am looking forward to it. I am a little behind but hope to catch up this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, it is our Thanksgiving which just happens to be my favourite holiday. We will be celebrating with Marvin's family and I cannot wait for the cranberry sauce!

Here is a layout I made of one of the windows I saw in Vancouver... I couldn't help but take a photo... I knew you all would appreciate the coolness of it!

Supplies: Digi papers from Jessica Sprague, elements from Sweet Shoppe

The journaling reads: After appetizers and cocktails at the Fairmont Vancouver we walked down Robson Street to Joe Fortes, but before we did, I could not but notice this window of the Louis Vuitton store and think... what beautiful Window Art!  Vancouver, Sept. 21, 2012

What about you? Do you like window art?

Take care friends!