Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt!

In keeping up with Rinda's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt, I thought I best show the rest of the photos I have collected because Fall is near and the Hunt will soon be finished and we can start looking forward to next year!

1. pier - I took this picture near where my parents live. The lake was very busy and I wasn't able to get a shot without lots of people.

 2. A Clothesline! This is one I thought would be difficult to find, but in the end it didn't take much. I knew it would be easy once we went home to visit my parents.
4. A Roadside Stand. Not a great photo at all, but I did get a side shot of the "Fresh BC Cherries" sign, just not of the actual fruit! Every year there are lots of roadside trucks selling fruit from British Columbia and then closer to September the Taber Corn makes it's way to the vendors.

7. Instead of using "a person playing a musical instrument" I am using my replacement, the "four leaf clover" . I was fortunate enough to have found this potted plant at my sister Brenda's house!
10. A Horse. This horse was very interested in us stopping on the side of the road and likely had he been able to come closer to us, he would have.
13. A Library

15. Someone Dancing. A photo of my niece.

18. A movie poster. 
We went to see the Bourne Legacy and I LOVED it!

20. A swing hanging from a tree. So this one may be controversial. I know it says the swing is to hang from a tree - this swing is hanging from a structure made of trees, I'm pretty sure it still fits the description... right?
21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your country. Okay, so really this one made me think the most. Sure I could have taken a pic with a Canadian flag, but then that would have been simple, or maybe I could have laced up a pair of skates and put on a hockey jersey... but then again who wants to talk about hockey with the NHL lockout... then when I tried to search out a beaver... I stopped when I heard about the beaver on the news attacking two dogs... so here's what I came up with...

 There I am... with you guessed right... a Canada Goose. This happens to be my second attempt at getting a photo with one. When we were at my parents we tried a couple times, but the geese at Hawerlak Park are not so skittish, so even though this one didn't want to face the camera, he sure didn't mind shakin' a tail feather at my efforts. I do love to hear the sound of them migrating south for the Winter... but when we do hear that... it's a good sign Summer is ending....

There it is. Thanks Rinda for a great season of scavenging!


  1. The swing is the one giving me the biggest problem.

  2. I really like your swing - I think it's perfect!

  3. Bravo Ginger! I love how these perfectly capture Canada. I like that the fact that the pier has people in and am sooo happy to see at least one four leaf clover in this hunt.

  4. I agree with Rinda, it's cool to see people using the pier ... if this was in our summer I'd struggle to get shots of a clear pier!

  5. Your Canada Goose made me smile :) Great collection of photos - congrats on the four leaf clover!

  6. Great pics..the pier will be my downfall!
    Alison xx

  7. Wonderful set of Hunt photographs. Those swings are the tallest I have ever seen and are definitely hanging from trees! You and the goose is a great idea too.

  8. Love that you found a 4 leaf clover and brilliant on the Canada Goose although they are not very dearly loved down here.

  9. It is so fun to see others' scavenged photos :) The one of you with the Goose made me smile, very appropriate and very unique :)

  10. What a great collection! I really want a go on that swing - tall ones are brilliant, and you can go really high. Health and safety ensures you never see them here!

  11. Love your Canada Goose photo...we have a whole flock of them here on the river in Bedford UK, & they become quite aggressive in spring when all the babies hatch! I still love to see them though! Those swings are amazing & I'm totally blown away by the four leaf clover!! :D

  12. Great photos, I love the one with the goose! x

  13. Brilliant idea using the Canada Goose as representative of our country although sometimes when we're out walking down by the lake I sometimes do wish they weren't so many of them in our area. :) Love the picture of a pier actually in use! You did a super job on the hunt. Congrats.