Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Height of the Matter....

That Julie is sure making some of us bloggers feisty with her new blog series the Height of Summer! She does come up with interesting ones and this is no exception! 

When I saw my friend Amy’s post today I knew I needed to take a giant sized step to complete my own blog post on this topic of conversation! 

I will try not to offend the petite women on how I describe my height, but in order to tell my tall tale I might use adjectives like “taller” and “shorter”, “smaller” and “bigger”, “above” and “below”

 At 5’ 7”, I am taller than the average person… and about a full head above my mom. Yes I can see the top of her head! Right now she is reading this and shaking her head… “Hi Mom, I luv you!”.  

My sisters are all smaller than me …. Really, I am not trying to be punchy here, just letting you all know the facts!

 Albeit this may be an old photo, it does show the four of us standing next to each other, and strangely enough in order of height. Well maybe not quite, okay then, actually Carmen (the bride) is taller than Brenda (the maid of honor)! The difference between Arlene and me…? Only 1 ½ inches or so, she was certain to mention the extra ½ inch is not wishful thinking!

Growing up… I was asked, “how come you are taller than the rest of the girls in your family?” Er… geez, I’m not sure. This usually led to a discussion on which distant female relative may have had an influence. There was at least one…. Auntie Annie on my mom’s side was a very tall woman… don’t’ ask me how tall, but she may have been a giant ;)

As for the men in my family… well my brother is 2 or 3 inches bigger than me and my dad was always taller, but not by much. 

Hubby? He is definitely taller… and that is a good thing!

If you would like to play along or learn more about Julie’s series the Height of Summer, then have a look at her blog “Notes on Paper” . Thanks Julie for making us more aware of each others size!!


  1. This is such a fun meme, isn't it? And I've also been surprised by how the height curve seems to be falling. . .

    1. Yes it has been lots of fun and interesting!

  2. I'm loving all of the height posts, it is a lot of fun! I have to say, I am pleased to see and hear that there are at least two of us with a higher last number - I wonder if there is a six footer out there amongst us?

  3. So interesting to learn all these things about each other which me might otherwise not know! Julie has really started something. And that's a lovely photo of you and your Mum ...

  4. I'm loving these posts as well....fascinating facts coming out....and that is a lovely photo.

  5. Hi Ginger - your post ha actually made me wonder ... are taller bloggers hesitant about sharing because they're worried we'll all think they're bragging? Mmmmm ... hadn't considered that angle before! You can't help but use the words taller etc - I for one don't take it personally - it's just a fact.

    I also like the way lots of bloggers have shared wedding photos - I guess it's a great time for group shots where height comparisons become obvious.

    Thanks so much for joining in. I love it that I decided to blog about something a bit strange [at first glance] because it interested me - and now it seems to have caught other's imaginiation too!

    Your post's on the board now: and I'll go add you to the chart.

    Julie :-)

  6. Fun post Ginger. I think Julie might be right - wedding photos are a great way to show off a bit of height

  7. I've enjoyed the height posts I've seen around blog land, and yours is no exception. It is nice to see a "taller" blogger - I've already visited quite a few "shorter" ones! LOL

  8. Have just had a quick catchup with the last few posts..hope you had a lovely Birthday, and your garden area is going to be lovely! I must get around to my 'height' post
    Alison xx

  9. Ah, so you're my 'height twin'! (Though I'm 5'7"-plus-a-little-tiny-bit...)

  10. wow u r so tall. my mom is 4.6 lol