Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Photos!

We are having a beautiful spell of hot weather, and it just reminds me I really need to take vacation in July. Yesterday, I went for a walk down by our Legislature grounds and I managed to find a good whack of items to photograph from Rinda's "Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt"  list for which I  have already started to scrap in my little mini album, but I don't have any photos of that yet! So stay tuned!

I was fortunate enough to have my camera ready when this little guy kicked the ball!

I drive by this spot every morning and afternoon and I always think "I need to take a photo of that skyline" and the trails in our beautiful river valley are in the foreground,  which made a perfect shot for "Trail".

Our light rail transit system - "Train".

This is a photograph of the "High Level Bridge", built between 1910-1913. It was the first bridge built in Canada that allowed 4 modes of transportation - rail, streetcar, automobile, and pedestrian. It is 152 ft above the river and it is almost 1/2 mile long and was considered an engineering achievement for its time.

The fountain at the Provincial Legislature grounds. Yesterday was quite warm (about 30 C) and so there were lots if families taking advantage of the cooler waters from the wading pools.

Statue or Figurine?  Statues are outside right? So this has to be one, because it is outside and figurines are usually in one's house... behind a glassed cabinet... No?.. I've not looked up the actual dimensions of what is considered to be a statue, so I'm going with this :)

This is the final photo I have for the hunt, thus far... it is the border lining my new beds on my front yard!

I'm feeling pretty good with what I have managed to find... there will be a few difficult ones... like clothesline... hmmm... do any of my friends have one in their backyard? I'm not so sure these are as common as they were when I was growing up. Wish me luck!

Oh yes.. and please do stop by on Tuesday for a blog hop hosted by Natalie over at "Almost Never Clever".

Have a good evening and stay cool!


  1. great captures! pretty sure that angel one is going to be hard for me!

  2. great start - amazing fountain. Interesting cultural differences with clothes line - every garden around me has one

  3. You've got some great photos already,Ginger....that fountain is stunning.

  4. Gosh you have been busy, I haven't even made a start yet!

  5. All fabulous shots Ginger, my favourite though is 'trail' Fantastic skyline as you say and the shot is balanced perfectly with the greenery at the front - very nice indeed.

  6. Wow, what a great group of phtotos for the hunt. I really like the shadow one - great shot.

    I KNOW I won't find a clothesline here in our city - it's just so "fru-fru" that it's probably against city regulations. LOL We'll have to take a drive in the country to find one of those.

  7. Love that fountain..great pics Ginger!
    Alison xx

  8. Awesome finds - I hope you don't mind if I share them.

  9. You are totally right about needing to get a picture of that skyline. Such a beautiful photo!

    Thanks for the plug for tomorrow!

  10. Brilliant start. I am really impressed. Some stunning shots.

  11. Great photos!!! I love the trail one especially but they are all very good! I have not made progress on this Scavenger Hunt yet but I am keeping it in mind!

  12. Awesome pictures for the hunt. I love the ball one. The fountain looks like fun, we have many in our city that people like to play in. The shadow is great too, just waiting for a nice sunny day and then will maybe get my 2 boys out for a shadow picture. I love your angel, perfect and who cares about size etc she is just perfect. You stole my idea for the border, unfortunately NZ is an island so difficult to find an actual border so will get creative. Look forward to other pictures,

  13. Super photographs Ginger. Your album is going to be something special.

  14. Wow, Ginger, great job on getting a chunk of photos for Rinda's hunt! You answered a couple of questions for me, and since you used a light rail as "train" and a figurine as a "statue" I'm going to copy you! ;o)

    Great set of photos!