Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Saturday Night and a new app...

I found an app for my Blackberry... I would think it is similar to Instagram. It's called picmix and it allows me to use filters with the photos I take with my cell phone... really why have I not seen this before? It's pretty good, I have not set it up yet to share my photos on the public site. Here are a few photos from the other night of our outing to the Il Divo concert...

The dinner Carmen and I ate at Bistecca...
This was a fantastic meal made of stuffed chicken with a prosecco and green peppercorn cream sauce, along with a mushroom duxelles creme brulee and braised leek. 

Riding the train to the concert...
and another of us returning after the concert was over...
This last photo was taken with Carmen's iPhone using hipstamatic and I added a couple of mail brushes.

The concert was amazing and they did an incredible version of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game from the new album...

Okay, I'm off to watch more Olympics... are you managing to keep up with the events?

Happy Hump Day :)


  1. Oh what a lovely dinner - it looks fantastic ... as does the restaurant! I can imagine the concert was wonderful.

    1. The restaurant was great, I'd not been there before, but would certainly go back!

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  3. Love the photo editing....glad you had such an enjoyable time.

  4. Fun! I have surprised myself with how much sport I have been watching..that swimming has sucked me right in

  5. That's a wonderfully snapped photo on the train ...

  6. trying to keep up with the Olympics too!! I'm loving it. Fab photos x

  7. Glad you enjoyed the concert...and that meal DOES look yum!
    Alison xx

  8. It's good to play around with photo editing, like the effects and it looks like you had a good evening.