Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's All Greek... except for the cremescicle!

I'm tired... I have just sat down for the evening and wanted to write a post, but now I don't know what to say... I need a holiday! It is coming, just not soon enough.

This weekend we have some friends coming over for dinner and so I have prepared my grocery list... we have decided on a Greek menu... I love Greek dishes and look forward to some lamb.

Tonight I just finished making the custard for the orange cremescicle ice cream and tomorrow evening it will be churned... it might have some cointreau in it too and by no means is this a Greek dessert, but it is what hubby wanted!

I am leaving you with a pic of the birthday card I made for our friends little girl Molly... She is turning 1! I sure had fun picking out a little outfit for her at baby Gap :)

 Have a good evening!


  1. Yum, I'll just pop on over for sweets then?!
    Actually, I have googled the cremescicle but can't seem to find an image for it - again, it is one I have not heard of ... I need to get out more!

  2. Gorgeous card, those felt letters.

  3. What a beautiful card - I bet it'll be tucked away safely for her to keep!

    The icecream sounds delicious. I think we need pictures..

  4. What a lovely card!

    Robbie made us a Greek meal this past weekend - so yummy.

  5. That card is beautiful..and I love Greek food too!
    Alison xx

  6. love me some greek food as well! That BDAy card is drool worthy!

  7. Hello Ginger!
    I recieved the Liebster Award from Lisa and am passing it on to you for your awesome blog!

  8. such a cute card whicj i'm sure will be treasured x