Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Saturday Night and a new app...

I found an app for my Blackberry... I would think it is similar to Instagram. It's called picmix and it allows me to use filters with the photos I take with my cell phone... really why have I not seen this before? It's pretty good, I have not set it up yet to share my photos on the public site. Here are a few photos from the other night of our outing to the Il Divo concert...

The dinner Carmen and I ate at Bistecca...
This was a fantastic meal made of stuffed chicken with a prosecco and green peppercorn cream sauce, along with a mushroom duxelles creme brulee and braised leek. 

Riding the train to the concert...
and another of us returning after the concert was over...
This last photo was taken with Carmen's iPhone using hipstamatic and I added a couple of mail brushes.

The concert was amazing and they did an incredible version of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game from the new album...

Okay, I'm off to watch more Olympics... are you managing to keep up with the events?

Happy Hump Day :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lemon Potatoes Recipe and other things...

How is it already Thursday? It's crazy how time flies by!

A few of you asked for more details on the Lemon Potatoes I make. The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Classic Cookbook, but after looking on line I was able to find it on her website here...

This recipe is the closest I can get to the potatoes we eat at our favourite Greek restaurant, and actually I think they are better. Also, I really like using the Greek oregano which you can find here in Edmonton at the Italian Centre. Sorry for not taking a close up photo of them but Martha's recipe shows what they look like.

 A couple other things happening this week...

I found some fun stuff at Notables which specializes in stationary supplies and wedding invitations, but they do have cute office and storage supplies too.

Saturday evening my sister and I will be attending Il Divo for which I am looking forward too!

Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pass The Book Winner!!

Wow! I completely forgot to pick the winner yesterday, sorry everyone, thanks for your patience :)

There were 5 people who commented on being interested in the draw! And the winner is....

Alison!! You are the winner! I have your address and will send this off to you :)

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday Night Dinner

Our dinner on Saturday evening was delicious! Seriously delicious... I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby who loves to cook. While I cleaned the house Friday night he prepared everything and I had very little to do on Saturday...

I set the table earlier in the day... I made little menu cards and placed them on the plates... Here is the table with all the wonderful dishes we cooked up.

We made grilled lemon and rosemary lamb lollipops, chicken souvlaki, keftedes, spicy feta dip, hummus, satziki, Greek salad, baked lima beans and my favourite.... lemon potatoes!
This might be my new summer drink... Lemon Basil Martinis... I suggest letting the basil sit for a minute once you muddle it... it will give the drink more flavour. We used Hendricks gin, I imagine the citrus vodka would be good as well.

We had lots of food left over and now my fridge smells like garlic...

And here is a picture of the ice cream as per Sian's request! And the recipe is in this book...

Tammy made these wonderful white chocolate, cranberry and orange biscotti... they were sublime.

That's it for now... you still have time to sign up for Pass the Book here... I will be drawing a winner tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's All Greek... except for the cremescicle!

I'm tired... I have just sat down for the evening and wanted to write a post, but now I don't know what to say... I need a holiday! It is coming, just not soon enough.

This weekend we have some friends coming over for dinner and so I have prepared my grocery list... we have decided on a Greek menu... I love Greek dishes and look forward to some lamb.

Tonight I just finished making the custard for the orange cremescicle ice cream and tomorrow evening it will be churned... it might have some cointreau in it too and by no means is this a Greek dessert, but it is what hubby wanted!

I am leaving you with a pic of the birthday card I made for our friends little girl Molly... She is turning 1! I sure had fun picking out a little outfit for her at baby Gap :)

 Have a good evening!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stamping & Scrapbooking?... & Pass the Book Year 2

About a month ago I received this book from Susanne over at Snaps & Snippets... it is part of Melissa's Pass the Book Year 2. If you have not heard of Pass the Book, it is where the book originated with Melissa over at Daily Bits and Pieces, and each month or so it travels from one person to the next and eventually after a year of travel it gets sent back to Melissa. Cool eh? Now, Susanne did such a fantastic job at giving a description of the book that I suggest you go here to have a look at the post to find out more details about the book.

 I can tell you, I became a stamper first before I started scrapbooking. I LOVE stamps and have a healthy collection, so when Susanne's time came to Pass the Book, I knew I wanted to check this one out. Instead of showing you what inspired me with this book I decided to have a look back at my layouts and find some ways you can incorporate stamping into your layouts. Just like Susanne points out there are 4 different chapters:
  1. Lettering & Titles and Borders
  2. Accents & Embellishments
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Corners & Frames
 When I first started scrapbooking, I did not have lots of supplies and I found many creative ways to create layouts through the use of stamps. These techniques are still utilized by scrappers today!

Lettering and Titles (also shows embellishments)

The title was created with versamark and alphabet stamps while the layered flowers were stamped with versamark and then embossed with clear powder. The journaling spot was also a stamp.

The next layout is about birthday celebrations and I created it about a year ago. It demonstrates using a greeting stamp as part of an embellishment.

You can see more about how I made that little journal book here.

Here is a fun technique... if you want to add some dimension to your flowers, why not try stamping them? I used a small news print to cover those two smaller orange flowers.

I love these MME stamps. The train fits right in with the photo of the old steam engine and then I also used the little banners on the right side to give more interest to the background and edges.

Here is one of my WITL album pages... just another example of using a background stamp to cover the kraft paper on the left side (the numbers are a stencil).

Corners & Frames
On the bottom right corner of this layout you can see I used a stamp to frame Edwin's name and the date of the photos.

So there you go... Several ideas of how you can utilize stamps in your scrapbooking. The book gives many more examples of various techniques that you can easily incorporate into your own layouts or projects.

If you would like to be put into the draw for this book, please indicate in the comments section and I will draw a name on Monday, July 23rd.

Thanks and have  wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What about the Tour?

It is 10 days into the Tour de France and have you noticed I haven't mentioned it? If you have been following me for a few years you will know it is one of those things I look forward to every year (see here) with a little more zest and passion than some of the more common sports we see here in Edmonton. For the most part we have football in the summer and hockey in the winter. In more recent years though we have captured the Edmonton Indy which if you have not been to, might I say it is spectacular! More recently we saw the Edmonton World Cup Triathlon. (Sorry, it's not a very politely Canadian written article). We wish hometown gal Paula Findlay well in London.

There are a few reasons I've not watched the Tour much this year. Mostly, it's because I'm still a bit disappointed Andy Schleck suffered from a fractured pelvis just before the tour. Once I had heard this, I thought I would still cheer on his brother Frank (who is now 16th ) or Canadian, Ryder Hesjedal . Frank is doing okay, but it is still a bit too early to tell what might happen, and Ryder fell, so you guessed it... he is out now too(he still plans to be at the Olympics). What's a gal to do?

Bradly Wiggins and Cadel Evans  both look strong, so my bet is on one of them :)

In the meantime... I'll just have another cup of coffee and enjoy our summer heat wave!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cell Phone Photo Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to the Cell Phone Photo Blog Hop which if you have come by way of Tammy, then you are in the right spot! Natalie from "Almost Never Clever" has had a wonderful idea to have a  blog hop for people to share the photos taken with a cell phone. Nat has lots of information on what to do with your cell phone photos and every quarter she downloads and backs them up. You can see more here.

Now on with the hop! For my photos I have used PSE 10 and the Pioneer Woman's free actions. I applied the Seventies action and then added a mask with 1 or 2 different frames (no longer available).  You should be able to find something similar at Designer Digitals. I am sharing those photos from April to the end of June in no particular order...

I stopped at Tim Hortons one day to purchase some donuts for a meeting... they look pretty tasty.

I took a walk around the Royal Alberta Museum grounds one day and took this looking at a road I lived near... I have many fond memories of this part of town.

I walk by this store everyday when I get my cup of coffee. I find the sign very interesting... one day perhaps I will walk down those steps.

 When I visit the book store now I take photos of book covers of those I don't want to forget to purchase at some other time.

Working on some projects on my day off while waiting for Edwin to be groomed....

I love these Monte Cristo sandwiches from the Urban Diner!

A BBQ put on for the building tenants...

I saw this bike outside of the coffee shop and loved the vintage look of it with the wooden box at the back...

Eddie walking on the leash...

Celebrating the first day of Summer....

Last week I was late for work because the police had the road blocked off... AND... I couldn't get my coffee... It made for a large disruption in my morning!

There are my photos. Through this process I have discovered a few things:
  • I take a variety of photos.
  • I don't take a lot of cell photos.
  • It doesn't matter to me if a photo is a bit blurry. I use a Blackberry where the camera is a 3.2 MP which is quite interesting, because some of the photos I take are actually quite clear.
  • I use lots of my cell phone photos for my Project Life, but there are some that I haven't done anything with. Stories that I want to tell.
  • I actually do download my photos, but I have not backed them up. That will be a priority.
Alright, so that's it for my stop, thank you for stopping by! Now you will want to follow the hop and head on over to Danielle's at EcoScrapbook.
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Photos!

We are having a beautiful spell of hot weather, and it just reminds me I really need to take vacation in July. Yesterday, I went for a walk down by our Legislature grounds and I managed to find a good whack of items to photograph from Rinda's "Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt"  list for which I  have already started to scrap in my little mini album, but I don't have any photos of that yet! So stay tuned!

I was fortunate enough to have my camera ready when this little guy kicked the ball!

I drive by this spot every morning and afternoon and I always think "I need to take a photo of that skyline" and the trails in our beautiful river valley are in the foreground,  which made a perfect shot for "Trail".

Our light rail transit system - "Train".

This is a photograph of the "High Level Bridge", built between 1910-1913. It was the first bridge built in Canada that allowed 4 modes of transportation - rail, streetcar, automobile, and pedestrian. It is 152 ft above the river and it is almost 1/2 mile long and was considered an engineering achievement for its time.

The fountain at the Provincial Legislature grounds. Yesterday was quite warm (about 30 C) and so there were lots if families taking advantage of the cooler waters from the wading pools.

Statue or Figurine?  Statues are outside right? So this has to be one, because it is outside and figurines are usually in one's house... behind a glassed cabinet... No?.. I've not looked up the actual dimensions of what is considered to be a statue, so I'm going with this :)

This is the final photo I have for the hunt, thus far... it is the border lining my new beds on my front yard!

I'm feeling pretty good with what I have managed to find... there will be a few difficult ones... like clothesline... hmmm... do any of my friends have one in their backyard? I'm not so sure these are as common as they were when I was growing up. Wish me luck!

Oh yes.. and please do stop by on Tuesday for a blog hop hosted by Natalie over at "Almost Never Clever".

Have a good evening and stay cool!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sail Away With Me!

Over at "From High In the Sky", Sian has a series of posts called "Sail Away With Me" where she has invited her friends to do a guest post... my post went up today... so you can pop over there to have a look at the canvas I made and read about this prairie girl's advice on sailing for those of you who have a fear of large bodies of water... and just to entice you... here is a sneakie!

Thank you Sian! I had lots of fun :)