Monday, June 18, 2012

Project Life | Week 22 & 23

Hello you! I hope you all had a great weekend! I managed to get a few things done, as my parents are coming up in less than two weeks and I thought I better wash the windows - exciting eh? Not really, but it sure feels good to get them clean.

I also had some crafty time which was fun and well deserved, and I stayed up late last night reading "Blood Red Road" by Moira Young. I bought it at Chapters a few months ago when I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy - it was on one of those tables "if you liked Hunger Games... then you should read..." It's very good!

Okay... here are my Project Life spreads....

Week 22

I love the tulips in the potted container by the Starbucks! So pretty. Other things that happened this week - I won a contest at Treasured Memories and was featured on their Inspiration Blog. You can see it here and here.

I went to a Stampin Up event with some friends I have not seen in a very long time. We made some fun items and I hope to share them with you soon.

Week 23

I finally finished reading "The Help", for some reason it took me a long time to "get into" the book, I even contemplated not finishing it, but my friends encouraged me to keep with it and I'm happy I did. 

Well that's it for me! Have a great night.


  1. I am loving how much you fit into each week! I finished the HG trilogy this week, they were an entertaining read, I have not read The Help - but my Mum enjoyed it.

  2. Love your Project Life stuff Ginger and congrats on winning the contest!

  3. Another packed week! I'm thinking this project really helps us appreciate all the little things that go into making a good week happen

  4. I love how your project life comes together...looks like you have been busy. Congrats on your win x

  5. Great PL pages!

    I enjoyed The Help and didn't have any trouble getting into it, but I wonder if that's because I'm from the southern states (Mississippi orginally, in fact).

  6. You certainly cram a lot into your life Ginger...great pages again!
    Alison xx

  7. I loved the HG so will have to look into this book. I loved The Help but like Melissa, being a Southern girl and it being a part of my childhood I felt immediately invested. To my surprise when I started reading a random book last night, it is set in my city at a small private college downtown...I went to a small private college downtown!

  8. Still looks fabulous!!! (and happy to see that photo of you with the blue scraf made it in :)

  9. Lovely PL pages! I am working hard to get mine updated. All the photos and stuff is there, just need to fill in my journaling cards. Looks like a fun SU event - you are lucky that you have friends IRL to scrapbook with! :)