Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Life | Week 18 & 19

First off, I would like to thank those of you who left comments on my last post, and most of all for the positive stories. We still have not seen Mila and are hoping the weather will soon cooperate - cats despise rain and that unfortunately is something we have not been short of this week.

Now on to something that has kept me pleasantly busy this afternoon. Project Life... I have been keeping up with it, but see I've not posted for several weeks. So lets start with...

Week 18

Wow - this was back in May for National Scrapbooking Day! The week after WITL, I did not feel like taking any photos, so these are all from one day - Friday. That's the great thing about PL, you can do whatever works.
You might remember my pajama party layout. There was a prize for the best costume... among other things. The photo in the middle with me and the three other women, shows us all holding a mirror. We each won one made by the staff from Treasured Memories... My mirror was created by Nadine (thanks again Nadine:) I won for having the longest running tab!!  Yeah, you might have noticed the bags I had packed for the weekend crop were a bit slight, typically I have 3 times that amount. My goal was to take as little as possible and purchase as much as I could! It worked.

Week 19

 Just a few photos of my brief out of town trip. I was happy I took my scrappin supplies along because the desk in the hotel room was huge! It provided a great surface for spreading out my WITL album and I managed to create a few pages.
When I created these two weeks for my PL album I still had the WITL album to complete, so I did very little embellishing... I have mentioned this before... but it is the easiest way to ensure one keeps up.

I'm still really loving this form of scrapbooking and I'm starting to think about how I want to do this next year. I cannot believe I'm not tired of the papers I picked way back in January, but I love them and I'm sure it's helped to include different journaling cards I have found on pinterest and at Jessica Sprague. I have some ideas for making a few more of my own.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. You have a great week too! Your pages are just made for poring over - so much to see

  2. Yes, Sian is right, you have so much interest in your pages ... and you say you are not embellishing!

  3. You have such a knack for putting different papers together and it all works so well :o) Hope your week is great too xx

  4. Fabulous pages Ginger, I love how they hang together, really making me want to get back into it.

  5. Still have my fingers crossed that Mila will find her way home. I will never grow tired of being amazed at your talent for combining color, pattern, and texture!

  6. There are lots of pretty patterns mixed in with your PL, nicely done.

  7. Loving your pages with all the different details about your week, and the colours are just fab!

    Hope Mila is found really soon xx

  8. You really have done a great job of picking papers that work together so that everything always looks great and fresh, not always the same expected look which would probably bore you in a year of layouts. Still thinking of Mila.