Monday, May 28, 2012

WITL 2012 | Finished Album and Final Thoughts

I want to show you my finished WITL album, and then I will share some final thoughts and observations I made this year. I think it's important to reflect on the process it helps to identify what worked and what maybe could be done differently.

The first photo is the cover... I love how it turned out. You can see how I made the base of the album here. The cover was literally made with scraps of digital paper I had printed a couple years ago.

I bought a 6x6 Crate paper pack, various washi tapes, buttons, some Jillibean soup stickers, Jenni Bowlin stickers, and crafters workshop stencils to use on the album. I journaled directly onto the pages where ever I could and I added the time the photo was taken.
My original kit included Hambly transparencies and lace papers to use in addition to the new stuff. That little scrabble piece... I picked it up at TM, actually all the extra goodies I added to the album were bought at TM.
To save myself time, I tried to keep the pages as simple as humanly possible FOR me... not always a reality... but that's okay :) Another favourite find at TM was this vintage car stamp... you can see it in the upper right corner of that first page, I used it lots throughout the album.
I placed an envelope at the end of each day for the left over photos, ones I printed but they never made it in the album. I will put the printed daily sheets in them as well.

I love to mix papers and I had lots of fun doing that with this album, I kept it pretty simple by using fun, bright, and basic colors so it was easy enough to mix and match. Also, I know washi tape has been around for a while, but whew... I had never purchased any before... unimaginable eh? Well I made up for it... I played with lots of tape and think it's likely a staple now for me.

That's it for the photos... I think it gives you a good idea as to how it all turned out.

Now for my thoughts and observations...
  • Love the finished product, working with paper is always fun and keeping it simple is the easiest way to ensure it gets finished.
  • For these types of projects - it is extremely helpful to be prepared...  making the base of the album and having it ready for when I was finished with the photos was a bonus.
  • Last year I was very excited about this project, but I was not as motivated this year. It's funny... I will admit Sunday night when I finished making the base of the album I was ready and looked forward to the week. The next morning... I thought, really?... Why am I doing this? The first day was not easy... however... after seeing what others had posted on Tuesday of what their Monday was like... it encouraged me to get my camera out. So... it is helpful to have others doing the project along with you, but that doesn't mean you should not or could not do it at a different time from when Ali plans it.
  • Next year if I can... I really would like to try it digitally. I think at the end of the day... if I can get those photos into a digital template it will come together a lot faster.
  • Next year I want to record a few of the same things everyday... I really loved what Helena documented on here WITL. She had fun things like what was on her playlist, the different blogs she read that day etc. I also really love the simplicity of her digital pages, and they would be simple enough to print off yourself.
  • I wanted to mention what doing WITL was like while doing Project Life. It was not difficult at all. At least I didn't find it to be. If you think it would be, you might consider WITL as a recording of your daily routine, while everything else might be PL worthy. I did not exclude the routine items from my PL album.
  • Although I mentioned I had a hard time motivating myself, I really appreciate the album. Last year my parents were here and I was on vacation, so it really wasn't a typical WITL. Ali has mentioned the next WITL will be in the Fall of 2013. I am good with that. In fact it excites me because Fall is my favorite time of year :)
Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my WITL album. What about you, have you completed yours? Or perhaps you are planning to do your WITL at another time this year?

Take care friends.


  1. Your album looks amazing! I found it more difficult to keep the momentum going this year, too.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Using the same template for each day and having some set topics that I repeated daily really helped me get it done

  3. I just knew your album was going to be a stunner when it was finished. And I do enjoy reading finishing thoughts like this. Great stuff!

  4. Gorgeous album! It's always the hard projects to complete that turn into our favorites, isn't it? It is a tough process to get through the documenting week but then to have the completed album makes it all worth it! Love how yours turned out. :)

  5. I always admire your style and this album did not disappoint! I love the single photo per page and the more simple way you approached this. I think that is my problem with WITL - seeing all these people documenting each day with a half dozen photos - I just can't do it!

  6. I love how it's turned out,Ginger...and the one photo per page works perfectly.

  7. Oh wow your finished book looks amazing Ginger x

  8. This album is so pretty. I love mini albums but like you I find it difficult to stay motivated.

  9. Congrats! I love the variety of pages you have. Mine is all but done, and I'll be posting it tomorrow. So glad I did it this year as well.

  10. Great job completing your album - it looks fabulous! I didn't do WITL, but have set up a binder & think I might pick a week this summer to document.

  11. I love the way your album turned out, Ginger! I took a few minutes to study all of your lovely detail. LOVE the washi tape and how you used it throughout. I'm happy that you included your thoughts on the process. I've only recently started doing Project Life and TOTALLY love it, so I think WITL just may be next {on my own schedule, of course}.

  12. You always make such a good job of these books Ginger..I love how you kept it simple, yet there's still so much to look at!
    Alison xx

  13. Fantastic album Ginger, I love the pages and the way it all hangs together. Your thoughts were interesting to read too. I did WITL once (I think I did it to my own timescales one autumn though) and really enjoyed it, but I did do digital. Looking at your book is making me want to do something similar again, thank you x

  14. Your eclectic scrapping style lends itsel perfectly to these types of project. Beautiful finished book.
    PS I think I need to get my eyes tested! I'm getting in such a pickle with that tricksy word verification today.

  15. Good wrap up post. And your album looks amazing - so colorful - love that!

  16. Your album is stunning Ginger and I loved reading your thoughts on doing it once you finished. I've never Week in the Life - having enough trouble keeping up with Project Life but hopefully next year. Fall sounds like a good time for it.