Monday, May 14, 2012

What Spring Means...

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and I never really thought what my second favorite season is... not until now. I noticed distinctly this year how quickly Spring changes from trees that are completely bare and streets that are dusty, to incredible green buds and colorful flowers. I despise that ugly brown and desolate look of our landscape which seems to take so long to come alive.
Perhaps doing WITL has me noticing how quick the progression really is. Had I not taken photos a couple weeks ago during our ugly brown phase, I may not have noticed these changes as greatly as I do now and maybe I would not be as appreciative of Spring.
One thing is certain, there is a desire to be outside... to be among the life that is blooming before our eyes and to celebrate every bit of it.

Many of  you in the Northern Hemisphere experiencing Spring will be much farther along... This coming weekend is a long one, we call it the Victoria Day weekend in celebration of Queen Victoria. It's funny how we place parameters on dates... you see the typical gardener (in Alberta and Saskatchewan) will not plant anything until after Victoria Day because the rule of thumb is it is less likely to freeze after this date. And with that, I plan to purchase my bedding plants on Friday to plant on Victoria Day.

I am curious, does your planting of annuals depend on a date? Or do you prefer to get a jump on your gardening and leave it to mother nature?


  1. I love Spring....and the anticipation of what is to come.
    In the UK the tradition is that you don't plant out anything tender until the end of May....though the way the weather is this may never be warm enough for them!!!!

  2. I'm desperate to put colour into our garden, but they're still talking about frost at night. Mind you with all th rain we've had, it will help with digging the plants in, when time comes

  3. I'm definately no garderner but used to work in a garden centre many moons ago doing the admin - they used advise end of May.

    Love Spring and everthing bursting into life - just would like a little more warmth!

  4. We also wait til the end of May. And I can usually guilt DH into planting something by saying I'd love it in for my birthday. I personally don't garden but I do love all the Spring colors!

    Love that first photo, you did such a wonderful job of capturing the yellow and the green and the curling of the leaves...

  5. Nice post! I'm an autumn kind of girl too, but I do love the extra light we start to see at this time of year. I'm not much of a gardener - though it's funny how I always seem to get left with the weeding..

  6. Spring is my favourite time in the the end of this month, it will be a constant fight against the high temps here!
    Alison xx

  7. Your spring photos are so lovely, Ginger. I tend to plant annuals after the super cold temps let up (around February here in Arizona) and before things really heat up (it's just around the corner). Or, I plant when I finally have time. I planted some sunflower seeds in my back yard just this past weekend. :o)

  8. Wonderfully vibrant greens ... We have to leave everything till the end of May here - weather dependent as opposed to date related. Bit of a battle with nature! Your tulips looks glorious too.