Thursday, May 24, 2012

31 Things | Jewelry

There are lots of bloggers out there taking Ali Edwards new class at Big Picture Classes, 31 Things. I decided to take the class for a couple reasons, mostly to exercise my writing for which I hope will improve throughout the class, but also to capture more stories. I have been thoroughly impressed with the class so far. I wasn't sure if it would really capture my interest, but Ali's prompts are so easy to find a story for. Some are quite personal and I don't know that I will share all of them, but I will start with this one on jewelry.

Digital Kit can be found here.

I am using Ali's template as she has made it. I might print these off, but I'm not certain yet.

Have a great night everyone.


  1. Isn't it interesting what the word jewelry can conjure? In thought I would have nothing to say, but I could have written a couple of pages!

    Your lovely ring is almost the same as my mother's engaement ring - a classic design.

  2. Your ring is gorgeous. I'm Loving 31 Things! I'm finding any prompt can bring up several stories and I may just go back through them for another round once class is over!

  3. Beautiful journaling Ginger & a gorgeous ring.

  4. Beautiful ring, beautiful page. I love the little sprig print you have chosen to go with it

  5. Love the journalling Ginger...even though I'm not taking the class,I am coming away from people's posts considering what my own responses would be! I noticed you mentioned on someone's comments that the class may run again later in the year- I think I'd be tempted to take part.
    Alison xx

  6. Hi Ginger! You won the TM "Customer Feature" contest! I'll put your first project up on Tuesday! We all loved your submissions...LOVED!

  7. A lovely ring Ginger and now you have lovely journaling to go with it. Seeing others doing this class has made me think.

    I love the structure of your page too and the patterned paper x