Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week In The Life | Thurs. - Fri.

I started typing this up Saturday night:

I'm hanging on and I made it through another day of WITL! Saturday is done and tomorrow is the last of the week, there are still a few must take photos I need. I wanted to take a few shots of the garden and the green buds on my lilac tree.

For now... these will have to suffice... (these are unedited)...


Thursday brought an early morning gym workout.
Edwin doing some calisthenics.
Perfect song for the day.
I had a chiropractor appointment after work and then headed to Nellos for some takeout.

We woke up to more of the white stuff - but it did not last for more than a few hours.

Those are my coworkers and friends Ian and Alison. We went to the pub for a drink and snacks after work for Ian's sendoff to 4 weeks of school. So there you have it, that was my Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I will share my Saturday and Sunday!!

Next weekend is National Scrapbook Day and I will be attending the weekend crop at Treasured Memories with my friends... My plan for this week is to get my PL and WITL photos ready for the crop!


  1. Snow! And LOL at the dog photo. Congrats on finishing up.

  2. Yes, Edwin is very funny!

    Glad you made it through the week, heading to the gym is no fun that early - but it's okay once you are there! I was surprised to see you still had snow .. hopefully spring makes an appearance soon :-)

  3. Good to have completed the week...I just hope all our snow is finished!!

  4. great everyday captures here what an achievement!

  5. Gosh, it's cold here but at least it's not snowing! This has been a lovely look at your week

  6. Great pictures, great perspective. Can't wait to see you on the weekend!

  7. Is that a Samoyed - we used to have one years ago and D wants one because she has seen the film with Sandra Bullock where there is a baby one :0)
    Great pics

  8. Spring must surely be around the corner for you! Have really enjoyed your pics!
    Alison xx