Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week In The Life | Mon-Wed

One thing is for certain - the amount of photos I have taken is quite sparse, but, seeing what everyone else has posted is giving me inspiration in continuing on with this!

Here are some of what I have taken thus far... they are straight from the camera.

Up and out of the shower at just after 7:00 (my clock is 5 min. ahead).

 All dressed.
First thing I do when I get downstairs is turn the t.v. on to get the traffic report. Looks like traffic is running smoothly!

Strawberries and yogurt.
Out of focus, but running behind and no time to take another.
Important stop.
I did not have time to upload my cell photos taken at work - so this is the commute home. The Quesnell Bridge. We had small amounts of rain the last couple days. As you can see we are still in the ugly dull brown stages of Spring, but the rain will help.
Ensuring there is water for the fur children.

Tuna love.
 Dinner. Gluten free turkey bagel, tuna & chickpeas, and cucumbers,
Looking through the mail. Our next vacation.


Do any of you find it awkward to take photos in certain social situations? For example, I saw the dental hygienist yesterday and wanted to have a photo of me, but I was too self conscious and would not ask. What about you, how do you deal with these types of situations?

I have have no photos of Marvin yet. That's partly because I leave home before he is ready and then he comes home late and by this time, I'm too tired to take more photos. Hoping this will change.

That's all I have to share for now :)


  1. You have cute fur babies! I too feel awkward asking to take photos or taking them in certain places. I did sneak a photo of the tools in the tray at the Oral Surgeons office :)

  2. Oh, I am a complete scaredy-cat when it comes to those sorts of situations and photos ... I chicken out all the time!

    PS Today would never have worked - it is bedlam here ... and very LOUD!!!

  3. I took very few pictures today, but I did get a couple good ones. I know exactly what you mean about photo-shyness. I was at a fundraiser tonight and was too shy to pull out my camera.


  4. Yep I do the too shy/nervous/embarrassed to photo bit. sometimes I just get on with it. Took photos when I voted last of my slip going in the box but DD moaned about me not being a proper mommy 'cos I take photos of weird things ALL the time!

  5. I work in a school so it is really hard for me to take 'work' photos due to data protection etc. I wonder if anyone has ever asked a dental hygienist to take their photo while in the chair before???

  6. great set of photos and love the one of you ready to leave for work.

    I have taken photos of my food plate in 2 cafes this week but feel awkward doing it. And have missed on other opportunities because too shy.

  7. I know exactly what you mean, but it's funny - I think the next generation will have lost that photo shyness. They'll take pictures of anything and everything.

    A great peep into your day

  8. Another one who does not always get the shots she wants but I think I agree with Sian about the next generation. They get the phones out and will photo anything - even in inappropriate. I have sometimes taken a photo using my phone rather than pulling the camera out - it can be a more discreet way of getting the photo.

  9. Great job getting these photos so far this week. I've often missed a photo because I didn't want to ask either, however I'm getting better about just pulling out the camera and taking a self-portrait (like when the hygienist is out of the office).

  10. Re: being too shy to take photos in public. That's what makes phones so great! I take pics all the time with my iPad, but it just looks like I'm playing on it, so no one's the wiser!

    I'll ask the hygenists at work here what they think! Most dental hygenists I've met are kind of totally awesome, so they probably wouldn't mind!

    Last thing, you are so brave for doing WITL in the middle of PL!

  11. you've done a great job with your photos Ginger. I did ask the dentist if i could take photos of the boys in the chair - i don't think i'd have been able to ask for me though. It's a shame you didn't have anyone with you who could have asked for you - it seems easier that way :)

  12. Me too when it comes to photographing some situations...sometimes I feel like some sort of spy!
    Alison xx

  13. Love your photos! Great snippits of daily life. And n+ope, I never ask for photos in weird places either. I've always wanted to have a photo when I'm getting my hair cut and styled. She'd probably do it but I would hate the awkward silence afterwards if whoever I was asking said no.... That'll prevent me from doing it.

  14. I've really enjoyed being able to share something of your day ... I did take a photo inside the dentists' today but only of a corner of the waiting room, and most surreptiously!

  15. Love your day in photos, Ginger. I know what you mean about feeling awkward to ask or take some photos. I did grab the opportunity thought when I was at the optician last year, those strange contraptions you wear while they check the lens are just oo good to miss! But I kicked myself last year when I didn't ask the consultant if I could take a photo of the X-Ray showing my Mum's new hip replacement. On her annual check up I remembered and he was only too happy to turn the screen and step out my way. I have overcome my awkwardness and so far no one has appeared surprised or disagreeable.... so it's worth taking the risk. Good luck next time!