Monday, April 2, 2012

Mail Art Exchange 2012!

Are you ready for Mail Art Exchange 2012!!? I know I am! I look forward to this edition and for adding more names to the exchange... I love how much this has grown and it thrills me to see what each of you are doing outside of the exchange - you know what I mean right? Those of you who continue to send mail art or happy mail to each other! I can't wait to get started!

Okay... so we need a theme... right? Lots of you who participated in the last exchange told me you thought having a theme helped you focus and gave the exchange an extra bit of fun! I am so excited to share the theme for this edition of the MAIL ART EXCHANGE:

We use them to communicate, share knowledge, and to write our stories. They can be powerful; help us shape our ideas and opinions. Where would we be without them?

Some creative inspiration:
  • Do you have a favorite quote you might like to share?
  • Are you participating in Ali's, One Little Word - maybe you would like to share it in your mail art?
  • Perhaps you would like to use dictionary paper, newsprint, OR magazines
  • You could doodle your words, OR use stamps, OR print off your words with, different fonts and different sizes OR even different colors!
  • Do you like Wordles? 
  • You will notice on my envelope above I used a rub on that was a quote
 That should help you get started with a few ideas - remember this is for fun and there is no need to stress about this... I have found the less time it takes me to make one of these, the happier I am with how it turns out... so if you have never tried this before it really is FUN and does not have to be time consuming :) Also, I want to stress this does not require you to be an artist. There have been individuals who have said they would not participate because they do not feel very "artistic". That is not the prerequisite here - and perhaps those of you who have participated in the past would like to express your thoughts on this in the comments. If you look at my label "Mail Art Exchange" you will see how easy it can be :)

Next steps:

  1. If you have not participated in the exchange before - you will need to read my Mail Art Exchange page . This is important as it gives you guidelines on how the exchange works. 
  2. Comment on this post you are interested in the exchange and that you will send me an email with your contact information. The next steps of the information is all included in my Mail Art Exchange page located on my blog header.

DEADLINE to sign up for the exchange: APRIL 23rd

You will then receive access to the list on April 30th which will indicate who you are sending your Mail Art to - you only are required to send to 1 person

The Mail Art Exchange will then happen the week of May 7th - you can start your Mail Art before you receive the name of the individual you are sending your Mail Art to, that way you will have plenty of time to be ready for the May 7th exchange date!

For those of you who participated in the last Exchange (September 2011), your name will stay on the list unless I hear from you that you do not want to be join in.

Thanks you and if you have any questions - please feel free to email me at:


  1. Count me in again! I think you found a great theme! :)
    Ps: my info is on the list already. Thank you for organizing!!!

  2. Looking forward to it Ginger - thanks for organising.

  3. Count me in again, participating in this.
    I completely agree that you don't need to be an artist to take part....I'm definately no artist...and still find it great fun to send and receive mail art. So much better than the usual junk mail and bills!!!

  4. I'm pretty busy right now but I think I'll be leaving my name on the list :-)

  5. Count me in for this round! Do I need to send you my info or do you still have it?

  6. I would love to have participated this time round, but I am a bit over committed in April and May - I will enjoy the art I see around blog world all the same. You have helped so many wonderful creations see the light of day already :)

  7. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for keeping it going.

  8. I'm in again Ginger..thanks for organising it again- love the theme!
    Alison xx

  9. I would like to participate. It sounds like fun.

  10. Oooh, yes, please! This is such a great theme ...

  11. fantastic looking forward to this next round!

  12. Yayyy! Another great theme! I already have an idea of what I'm going to do!

  13. Oh, yes! I definitely want to be included. I'll send you an email with my info! xo

  14. I'm in for sure! I like the sample piece you made for this post and am all ready with some old dictionary pages & word stamps! :>)

  15. soounds like fun, count me in. will email you

  16. Yes please, count me in again and I love that the theme is Words x

  17. Yes please Ginger - I'd love to join in :o)

  18. just sent you all my detaisl via the email. love this idea and missed out last year. i am doing ali's one lil word class again and i love quotes and wordles and books and lalalalal,
    jo xxx

  19. OK, I've been thinking about this long enough, time to take the plunge and actually sign up for it! Will send you my details in an email.

  20. Hi - Yes I would like to participate please - if you will have me? I thought about it last time you did this - but life got in the way - I am only just getting back to "online" activities again - but I do so love words - so this theme really appealed to me. I am a beginner with "Mail Art" but would love to give it a go.
    Thanks for organising it again - Jen x

  21. Can you count me in - will get the details over to you asap


  22. Looking forward to doing another card!

  23. Hope I'm not too late to put my name in the hat. Knew I'd forgotten to do something this week lol
    sent u my details :)