Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need a new sponge?

May I suggest one of these? How could you go wrong?

My colleague Alison and I have resumed our lunch time "walk and shop"... we stopped in at "The Tin Box" and I could not help but laugh at these dish sponges! My favourite is the "Diva"... it could perhaps pose as a microphone during those at home karaoke party's... no?

I am currently working on my project life album, I thought I could share some of my pages, but... I waited just a bit too long tonight to take photos - I find it is better to take the PL photos in daylight otherwise you get a nasty glare from the page protectors! It will have to wait... but... I did manage to finish the layout from our weekend potluck at my niece's...

I wasn't so sure about "berth" but I did look it up just to be certain!

Just a couple things - a reminder for Sian's  Storytelling Sunday (what the heck - a month already??!!), and I really want to resume a "Month in Numbers" .

ok - this is me signing off!


  1. Yes, talk about multi-tasking! I quite like the punk sponge too!

  2. Those spanges are ace and I love your LO

  3. Love the LO...and all your 'home' words.
    The sponges are amazing!

  4. I know, it certainly seems to have come round very quickly this month!

    Your page is gorgeous - so bright and meaningful with the collection of words. I like that idea very much

  5. Love all your house words..the sponges are too funny!
    Alison xx

  6. the layout is great, the sponges ummmm I think I'll pass lol

  7. I love your use of all the different words for Home on this page!

  8. ooooooohhhhh my gosh I want that Diva sponge! Seriously, it is a "must have"!!

    I also really love your layout. May I scrap-lift it?