Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day

Today is Family Day - a statutory holiday our provincial government implemented more than 20 years ago. I was reading the Edmonton Journal the other morning and there was an article on how Albertans work 182 hours more than the average Canadian per year and 7.5 hours more per week than the top 15 developed countries in the world. It looks like we could do a better job at achieving a work-life balance, something I feel strongly about and seem to manage well as I`m not part of that statistic.

This weekend has been occupied with sharing memories and learning what each of us has been doing - we are celebrating "family".

My brother Curtis, and sister-in-law, Bev visited us with their children Kayli and Troy. It has been wonderful catching up with them and visiting with my niece and nephew. These two children are so very polite and well mannered.
Kayli was pretty excited on Saturday to spend her savings on a "build a bear" named Jules! She purchased some adorable clothing for Jules which will allow her to have an evening out in a sparkly dress and matching shoes and when she is tired she can rest in her silky pajamas and slippers. 
Troy managed to find a remote control helicopter he will enjoy playing with outside. He also showed me his collection of non-Transformer toys - I am a really bad auntie! Firstly - not only have I forgotten the name of these toys (I do know they are not called Transformers - even though they look like Transformers). Secondly - I have no real photo of Troy holding them! I spent 45 minutes looking for them online, including Amazon, but cannot find them! If you know which toys I am talking about - PLEASE tell me what they are! Here is a not so very good photo that includes one of them.

I love my brother :) It was so much fun to visit with him and learn a few photography tips as it is his hobby too. It is wonderful the four of us siblings have something in common, we love to talk about our cameras (I have way more to learn than the rest). Curtis is a good researcher and articulates his knowledge in a manner I can easily understand! He showed me how to use my flash; I used his as I discovered I needed batteries for it! I also had the opportunity to try his 50mm lens and it reaffirmed this will definitely remain at the top of my wishlist.
Torrie and Mike... Mike will be starting a new job very soon and we are all so very happy for him.
My sister in law Bev is a beautiful and caring mother to her children. She shows patience; she is a natural at teaching them values and respect for adults. Bev and I had a wonderful discussion about our work and discovered we both love ``the Good Wife``.

Our extended family includes my Aunt Linda, Uncle Cal and cousin Lynette whom we include in family gatherings such as these.  It is always a pleasure to visit with them!

One last photo from the day - it includes the four of us siblings while the only person missing is our sister Brenda and we hope to see her soon too.

I am so very thankful to have my family and as the years pass it is easy to become so wound up in our own little world and forget the things that matter most - the time we spend together is precious. E-mails, phone calls and skype are all ways to communicate and are a great way to stay connected, but nothing compares to face to face time that includes hugs and much laughter, not to mention a few photos to keep these memories alive.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you are able to spend some extra quality time today with your family on this Family Day.


  1. We have a federal holiday today, too, to celebrate President Washington and Lincoln's birthdays. Actually, the kids have the whole week off of school. It's known as ski week, but we didn't get up to the snow this week.
    Love the portrait of your brother (the bald fellow). Such great expression and catch lights in his eyes.

  2. Looks like you had a great time catching up with family. My daughter loves her Build a Bears and my nephew has transformers so sorry i can't help with that one!

  3. Looks like a great family weekend....good that you could all get together.
    And I'm afraid that toy just looks like a Transformer to me!!!!

  4. They look like Transformers to me too...sorry! It's always good to catch up with family...something that doesn't happen often enough with us!
    Alison xxeatsGPT

  5. they look like transformers to me too! Great photos and its nice to hear that you had a lovely time with family.

  6. we could use that holiday here in the US!

  7. That is such a lovely idea for a holiday! I have really enjoyed seeing your family and their smiling faces - I hope you all had a lovely time!

  8. sharing your aunty angst of not remmebering all those details important to the kids!! Love the phot of you and your siblings - real family resemblance there

  9. Being an Aunty is such a special job, isn't it? I love it. Love your family photo. Living so far away from my siblings and them being so much younger than me, I fight really hard to try to get full group photos - sometimes more successfully than others. I need to do that more often. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! A Family Day holiday is an inspired idea - I think the UK could do with one too, as long as everyone definitely stayed at home and spent time with the family

  11. What a lovely idea for a special holiday. I think the toy might be a Bionicle. Hoping this posts, as I seem to be struggling with the WV on a few blogs at the moment!

  12. What great family photos you have posted here, Ginger! So fun that you and your sibs all love your cameras and can bounce ideas off each other.

    And yes, you need a 50mm lens! I LOVE mine and shoot with it 90% of the time!

  13. It sounds like you had a great Family Day Ginger - what a nice looking family you have. I'm sure Robbie could tell you what that toy was (and which one is in the photo), but he's not in right now! LOL

  14. Lovely photos of you all (or almost all) - and hope you've had a very happy day together. :) Wish I could help with the toy!

  15. Hey Ginger,
    Looks like you guys had a fun family day. I think I can help with the toys, I agree they look like Bionicle Characters (very similar story to Transformers) but if you bought them recently they'll be called Hero Factory as the Bionicle story finished 2 years ago.