Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remember This Post...?

Well I am a bit overdue on the deadline, but managed to complete my Pay It Forwards last week... you can see more from this post. I know I said the recipients would receive the PIF by the end of 2011, but what can I say? I procrastinated this project! I wasted so much time thinking I needed to make something spectacular that I ended up being scared to make anything! I will be sending them out in the next few days so I will only be able to share a sneakie peekie :)

Keep it real peeps!


  1. Looks beautiful - you always add so much detail to enjoy. And a couple of days? Not really late at all - because it looks like they are worth it!

  2. :-)

    these look fantastic and exciting and totally gorgeous.

    now I HAVE to get on with doing mine too ;-)

  3. I've procrastinated mine as well!!! But these little peaks look beautiful.

  4. ooo you are teasing lol! these look lush!!

  5. The detail ... What can I say ... WOW