Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cooking Class - Sorrentinos

My sister Carmen had been planning this cooking class for a few months or so, and this past week I had thought I wouldn't attend with all the school work etc., but in the end Marvin encouraged me to go and have some fun. I'm happy I did! We had a great time with Chef Chris who taught us to make pasta and a few other things! There were eight of us, I forgot to ask the ladies if they would mind me posting photos of them on my blog - so just a few people shots.

 This was our appetizer, Mushroom Crostini's with White Truffle oil (sorry - still trying to get use to the focus on my camera). I helped chop mushrooms and onions to make this dish.

I made one of those balls of dough you see in this picture, Chef Chris rolled out most of the dough for us, as he has way more experience with it than we do - don't get me wrong, we tried, but ours were more shaped like triangles than rectangles! Arlene cut up the pasta into strips to await the boiling water.

Pasta is almost ready.

Here is the pasta now being mixed with the garlic cream sauce. The smell was heavenly!
This is the "Medaglione di Pollo al Vino" - Chicken with mushrooms, Italian sausage and wine.
And to finish it all off, nothing gets more Italian than...
Something I learned from this experience - I spend way too much time preparing for a meal. We made a four course meal in 3.5 hours. Yes we made it together, but there was a whole lot of talking and explaining in between. Realistically I could make this spectacular meal in the same amount of time and I would also save some time with the pasta - although it is easy, I'm not so sure that I would make the homemade version all the time.

Now I am off to read and write!

Ciao Bellas!


  1. my mouth is watering just reading this! The mushrooms look divine. what fun! ;-)

  2. The chicken and mushroom dish looks yum!
    Alison xx

  3. This just re-affirms my belief that I could happily live on Italian food for the rest of my life!!!!
    Are you allowed to share the recipes??

  4. Oh gosh, that all looks delicious! My favourite things too - chicken, mushrooms, wine, garlic and tiramisu.

  5. That looks fantastic - almost like having smelly-vision on the computer. Great shots. Fantastico!

  6. I haven't had breakfast yet and now I am starving ... hmmmmmm, yum! I love Italian food too - but, I had to say, you make me feel hot seeing you wear that jumper ... it is really warm down here and we are expecting high 30C's today ... that's +36C!

  7. yum....looks fantastic and what a great way to get together with friends xx

  8. Oh my - that all looks fabulous, and definitely calls for red wine.

  9. It looks like it was a class in someone's home? I mean rather than at a night school or something. What a cool idea and that pasta looks delicious

  10. It looks like a fun time. I wouldn't mind taking a class or two because I don't cook food all that well. :=P

  11. It looks yummy! What a neat idea for an evening with the gals.