Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You tell me... where would you rather be?

This is what popped on my screen at work this morning and I had to take a picture...

I know where my eyes are focused :)

I hope to do a comparison post of how my life was and now is.  There are many similarities to be being a scrapbooker vs graduate student. Are you shocked? I was... I'll give you one example...

The length of time it took me to write up my weekly discussion assignment is close to the amount of time it takes me to get one layout done at crop night!

That will need to change. Seriously needs to change... if not... you will not see me for another 13.5 weeks!

Please come back on Friday as I am participating in a "Pass the Page" blog hop hosted by Julie! I look forward to sharing my layout with you and seeing what everyone else created!

In the meantime you might want to pull out your long-johns to help you stay warm!


  1. Wow, Melbourne is about the same as Jamaica .. still know where I'd rather be though!

    We must have ESP, I was just this minute about to email you - how is it going?

  2. We were just enjoying the weather in Jamaica 2 1/2 weeks ago - it was beautiful! Sunshiny here today, but a very chilly wind.

  3. We are having a mild winter here, so I suppose I shouldn't complain lol

  4. My old college friend went back home to Trinidad for a while before emigrating to Canada. His Father took great delight in winding him up with that kind of information!
    Thanks for the blog hop mention - I'm looking forward to it!!!

  5. I would say that I'd prefer to be somewhere lovely and warm, but given how hugely pregnant I am and that heat makes me feel ill, I'll stick with the frost that we're getting now. I never thought I'd say that!

    Looking forward to seeing the Pass the Page later in the week :)

  6. WOW! That's cold!! We are certainly not as hot as Jamaica, but no complaints
    Alison xx

  7. I can't even imagine -30 - thought it was bad yesterday when I had -2.5 :0)
    Wrap up warm x

  8. Somewhere warm is preferable to our winter days at the moment :)

  9. I'd head up to Canada and play some hockey! :-D

  10. Oh, you just hit on why I am moving back to Florida! Yes, the summer can be miserable, but it's miserable everywhere! The difference is it's absolutely lovely October - April and that makes all the difference! I will be sending you lots of warm weather thoughts - hope winter isn't too terribly bitterly cold.

  11. Knocking on wood that it doesn't get that cold here in Southern Ontario this winter. I'll keep thinking warmer thoughts for you.