Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Memory of Wendy Konoza - Crop

This weekend there will be a special crop in memory of my friend Wendy. Saturday would mark her 36th birthday. For the past couple years we always went to Treasured Memories to celebrate and so why would this year be any different? I expect there will be some tears, but I wish for more laughter than anything as that is what Wendy would want. The crop will be held at Treasured Memories  on Friday and Saturday where there will also be a silent auction for which the proceeds will be donated to "Wendy Konoza Memorial Award for Education" which you can read more about here. I have decided to donate one of my She Art creations.

 I was hoping to make a special one just for this crop, but I ran out of time. If you are interested in checking out what will be available, please stop by the store, or you can make a donation to the Wendy Konoza Memorial Award for Education.

I am looking forward to being surrounded by Wendy's friends and family this weekend and for all of us to have an amazing scrappy time by celebrating her life.

Take care friends.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cooking Class - Sorrentinos

My sister Carmen had been planning this cooking class for a few months or so, and this past week I had thought I wouldn't attend with all the school work etc., but in the end Marvin encouraged me to go and have some fun. I'm happy I did! We had a great time with Chef Chris who taught us to make pasta and a few other things! There were eight of us, I forgot to ask the ladies if they would mind me posting photos of them on my blog - so just a few people shots.

 This was our appetizer, Mushroom Crostini's with White Truffle oil (sorry - still trying to get use to the focus on my camera). I helped chop mushrooms and onions to make this dish.

I made one of those balls of dough you see in this picture, Chef Chris rolled out most of the dough for us, as he has way more experience with it than we do - don't get me wrong, we tried, but ours were more shaped like triangles than rectangles! Arlene cut up the pasta into strips to await the boiling water.

Pasta is almost ready.

Here is the pasta now being mixed with the garlic cream sauce. The smell was heavenly!
This is the "Medaglione di Pollo al Vino" - Chicken with mushrooms, Italian sausage and wine.
And to finish it all off, nothing gets more Italian than...
Something I learned from this experience - I spend way too much time preparing for a meal. We made a four course meal in 3.5 hours. Yes we made it together, but there was a whole lot of talking and explaining in between. Realistically I could make this spectacular meal in the same amount of time and I would also save some time with the pasta - although it is easy, I'm not so sure that I would make the homemade version all the time.

Now I am off to read and write!

Ciao Bellas!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pass The Page - Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to "Pass the Page" blog hop! When Julie initially posted this on her blog I knew I wanted to be a part of it.... the idea is that Julie started with a layout she created and sent a photo of it off to the next person and then they were to take whatever inspiration they got and then create their own layout. A photo was then sent to the next person on the list and so on. Each of us have only seen the layout of the person before us... that is until today!

As soon as I received this photo of Alison's beautiful "Winter Sun" layout, I got to work on my own page.
I loved the linear design of this layout and that is where I drew my inspiration. I used lots of straight line layers along with the torn edge at the bottom for a bit of variety. I detected Alison's use of a punch to create the edge on the paper, so I pulled out my notebook punch and did the edge on top. I also noticed how her photo shows us the beautiful colors of the leaves and she carry's that through with her embellishments. I in turn took the heart from the machiatto and used a heart punch for my embellishment. I also kept with the block style lettering she uses for her title.

Most of the papers I used were from a Scarlet Lime kit, I also used Basic Grey and October Afternoon papers. The alphabet is Basic Grey and the journaling card is something I made. If you are interested, you can download my vintage tags.

Thank you so much for stopping by and now you can move on to Jemma's blog to see what inspired her from my layout. There is a prize for those who comment on each blog. If you would like to start at the beginning please visit Julie over at Letting the Days Roll By. 

I cannot wait to visit everyone's blog to see each transformation and interpretation!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You tell me... where would you rather be?

This is what popped on my screen at work this morning and I had to take a picture...

I know where my eyes are focused :)

I hope to do a comparison post of how my life was and now is.  There are many similarities to be being a scrapbooker vs graduate student. Are you shocked? I was... I'll give you one example...

The length of time it took me to write up my weekly discussion assignment is close to the amount of time it takes me to get one layout done at crop night!

That will need to change. Seriously needs to change... if not... you will not see me for another 13.5 weeks!

Please come back on Friday as I am participating in a "Pass the Page" blog hop hosted by Julie! I look forward to sharing my layout with you and seeing what everyone else created!

In the meantime you might want to pull out your long-johns to help you stay warm!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life | Week 1

How is everyone? Are you getting into the swing of life now that the first week of January has passed. I feel like this past week has allowed us to plan for some changes, like eating healthy and taking lunches to work... getting out the gym bag and making a concerted effort to working out - which I managed to do three times this week! That is my goal to Move More and Eat Well as per Cathy's class. Well... actually she has asked us to pick one thing to work on for January and for me that will be exercise.

What about you are there any health related goals you are signing up for this January?

Okay... moving on... I finished my Week 1 of Project Life and thought I would share it tonight.

 This is the cover page and I loved how it turned out. One thing I am trying to remember here is to keep it simple.

Not too many photos this week to share, but I like how this allows me to add little bits that I may not  put on a scrapbook layout. I love the advertisement of the new Nello's restaurant (southside) and kept it for PL. We went on Friday night and it brought back so many memories of all the dinners we ate at Il Pasticcio when living downtown. I had the Saporito Chicken salad and some wonderful mussels.
And with that I am signing off dear friends! Have a great week :)

P.S. happy birthday Mom & Dad!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remember This Post...?

Well I am a bit overdue on the deadline, but managed to complete my Pay It Forwards last week... you can see more from this post. I know I said the recipients would receive the PIF by the end of 2011, but what can I say? I procrastinated this project! I wasted so much time thinking I needed to make something spectacular that I ended up being scared to make anything! I will be sending them out in the next few days so I will only be able to share a sneakie peekie :)

Keep it real peeps!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Are You Doing Project Life?

I have to admit this is something I've had floating around in my head since I did Week in The Life this summer. What solidified it was a conversation I had with my friend Amy. I mentioned I was not sure if I had time for this, and she pointed out it is not really a project, but perhaps a different way of scrapbooking. That made sense to me. I really have no idea what my schedule is going to be like once I start classes, but I don't want to stop documenting our life for what could be 3-4 years of school. Ali had a really great post this morning on her blog explaining her approach to PL. I know I will not manage daily photos, but I can take photos of what is happening during our week and that is how the stories will be told.

One would think if I had been thinking of this since the summer, I might have planned it out a bit better! I decided not to get a Project Life Kit, but would not hesitate next year - to make things more simple. I went to Treasured Memories last week with PL in mind and made my own kit and here is what I came up with.

 These are some of the fun things I picked out. I am using the Crate Paper - Random Collection elements and papers. I also picked out some Jillibean soup - Sweet & Sour Soup papers. I love the buttons and ephemera I picked out as well. The Glitz alphabet letters and Jenni Bowlin Studio stickers will come in handy as well.

In the middle here, you can see I have cut all my papers into 4x6 so they are ready to go. I bought some Hambly overlays and have cut a few of those up as well. I already mentioned I am using Crate Paper & Jillibean Soup papers, but I also picked out some Glitz (most of the navy blue ones), and Graphic 45 - Tropical Travelogue Collection. I managed to pick up some of the Crate Paper journaling cards, but didn't think it would be enough. So I did purchase the Celementine journaling cards from Jessica Sprague.

Becky Higgins has all of her Project Life kits available in a digital format at Jessica Sprague. I created pdf files of the cards and can easily print them off throughout the year when I need more.

The only thing I will need more of are the page protectors. I did get some at TM last week and I have some left from WITL.

There you have it. What about you? Are you doing Project Life?