Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Album - final pages

I have to say, this year doing December Daily/ Journal Your Christmas has been thoroughly enjoyable. Things that I found worked for me:
  • having the base of the album ready to go before Dec. was extremely helpful (thanks Nadine!!). For me this is an absolute MUST and I will be doing the same next year. 
  • Organizing all my Christmas supplies and having them close at hand - my table was a disaster - but at least I knew where everything was!
  • I wasn't able to get at my pages every night, but I found I was not stressed. At the end of the evening I took a few minutes to keep a running list of each day and what I wanted to record. I did not always follow the JYC prompts, a lot of my documenting was on things that happened that day, which is more like the December Daily. For the days that I did not have anything happening, I looked at Shimelle's journaling and photos prompts to pull some ideas.
  • I also think it helped to know what to expect, after doing JYC last year. 
  • Purchasing Ali's December Daily templates, December Monthly overlays and her Holiday Word Art  made a difference in managing my time as well as keeping the design consistent. Although, I do like the look of the typed journaling, I still think writing things out takes less time. This is something I will consider next year.
  • This year I had my photo printer and that was extremely helpful and convenient.
With that I will share the final days of my album...

 I love how chunky and textured the album turned out and that the pages are not all the same size. Here is a couple of shots of the finished album.

I know JYC goes on for another week or so, perhaps one year I will carry on past Dec. 26th, but for now I am happy with having it completed :)
Thanks for having a look :)


  1. Your pagea have been great to follow. They are just lovely. Love the way u made the photo into a star on 22nd

    Happy New Year

  2. Your album is stunning, and thanks for the tips. Hopefully next year I can join in

  3. It has turned out beautifully - great job. Happy New Year x

  4. LOVE your album! Very creative and beautiful keepsake! I just finished mine dec daily as well! It was quite the project, however happy that I did it!

  5. kicking myself that I didn't get around to this this year. Yours is totally inspirational - pinning! *wink*

  6. I so agree that preparing the album in advance makes it all so much easier.
    I've really enjoyed seeing all your pages.

  7. Your book is as fabulous as I thought it would be. I love the star on the 22nd. I am continuing through to 12th night for the first time so it will be ages 'till my book is together. And I agree with the pre planning it made a huge difference to me this year.