Monday, November 7, 2011

My October in Numbers

Julie Kirk has posted her month in numbers and is inviting you to join her. I think this is a great way to review items from our month with a different perspective and wanted to play along.

*5* The number of layouts I created.
*10* Blog posts written.
*1* The number of acrobats I saw handing out lip gloss.

*2* The number of weeks vacation we booked for Jamaica.
*2* The number of times I visited the dentist/endodontist regarding my sore tooth.
*22* The number of "treaters" we had visiting our abode on Halloween.
*1* Night experiencing 80's flashback and singing along with Joan Jett - she sounds just like she did when I was 13.
*4* Times I crossed this street...

 to have one of these... (chicken shawarma).
There you have it... my month in numbers.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. sounds like a busy month and that looks delish, makes me feel hungry and we just ate dinner!

  2. I think that if you said you'd seen more than one acrobat handing out lip-gloss ... I'd have to wonder what medication you'd been taking!

    Thanks for joining in with your vital statistics, I've added you to my ogriginal post now:

    Julie :-)

  3. I hope that sore tooth is feeling a lot better. Dental pain is so not-funny.

    I didn't think I was much of a counter - but I'm hooked on doing this now too. It's a lot of fun.

  4. I love that photo of the acrobat, it's fantastic!
    I like the look of the shawarma too, never heard of those before.
    It's fun doing these isn't it? I thought I wasn't a numbers person either Sian!

  5. your month sounds a bit, um..., odd??? But fun!

  6. I would be totally stunned if you had seen more than one acrobat handing out lip gloss, I am just merely stunned that you saw one :) Love, love, love the 2 weeks you have scheduled in Jamaica whhoohhooo

  7. Like your entry with number 1! The food looks delicious ... as does the two weeks away. Sigh of envy here!

  8. A very inventive way to promote lipgloss!!
    Alison xx

  9. this is a great way to sum up the month and you have a very good one by the sound of it!

  10. What a fun look at your month. I'm positive I've never seen an acrobat handing out lip gloss!

  11. what a fun post. I love the acrobat!

  12. Still trying to catch on your blog posts! The acrobat definitely caught my attention but your lunch made me drool :)
    Great Month in Numbers! I think they are as fun to write as they are to read!

  13. Great take on it. Hope that sore tooth is better now and not causing you any issues.