Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My November in Numbers

Another month has passed us by... You can play along too... with your own Month in Numbers, a little something Julie over at Notes on Paper started some time ago.

Here is my November...

*65* cups of coffee - okay, but not all of them are this big!
*1* - visit to the Endodontist for a not as painful as I thought it would be root canal.

*51* Christmas cards created.
*2* new pairs of glasses purchased.

*11* Christmas cards mailed...

*3* pairs of wet socks after coaxing this fur-ball back into the house from attempted escape.

And there it is... my November in numbers...


  1. impressed with those card numbers, you are on the ball :)

  2. Very impressed with the cards - quantity and quality - a winning combination!

  3. Thanks for joining in again Ginger. I've added a link to youin my draft post [which I'll be posting tomorrow].

    Your mention of new glasses reminded me of a conversation I overheard yesterday between two female students. One was showing the other her 2 new pairs and asking for opinions. re; the 2nd pair the fried said: 'Oh I like those, they're very you. At least they match your car'.

    I hope you matched at least one pair of yours to your car!!

  4. I'm still struggling with MY new glasses...if your socks were wet, I can only imagine how your beautiful furbaby looked!
    Alison xx

  5. Ginger, you told me you had made a 'few' cards ... not 51! My goodness you are busy!

  6. Ooh, counting cups of coffee! You'd better not get me started on doing that- my family might stage an intervention! That's a great peep into your month. In numbers.

  7. great post and impressed by the number of cards you've made and that you have already mailed some...very organised!

  8. Those Christmas cards look great - hope you have fun creating them!!

  9. How fun! That's a lot of cards! I'm still plugging away here! Started early then...lol

  10. you are so organised that I'm ├╝ber-impressed! My beautiful card arrived yesterday (thanks SO much!) and I am not close to getting my international cards written let alone posted! Yours might be more of a new year one ;-)

  11. That's a bad ass volume of coffee! call by and check out my month in numbers if you have the time or are having a sleepless caffeine interrupted night! X