Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Purple: Cards, Clothes & Books!

One of the things I love about Christmas is the opportunity to use different colours for cards instead of the more traditional red & green. I will always incorporate purple into some of the cards I make. When I first saw these Tim Holtz stamps I knew exactly how I wanted to use them and opulence was key. I pulled out my embossing powders and used purple with bronze on kraft paper as well as red and bronze...  I love how they turned out...

I love the simplicity of this next card using white on white with a splash of colour from the stamped images and string...
With Julie's Purple Phase I admit it has me noticing purple more often than not... It seems all the shops have a bit of purple whether it is Starbucks Espresso bean bags (I tried to get a photo but it just didn't work) or this pajama store I noticed on my lunch break.
The clothing stores definitely have more purple as I purchased this knit sweater and top combo of which I absolutely love. (Sorry for the dirty mirror! Really I did clean it, but must have missed a spot - or two!!)
And lastly, I received my course material for my January class. You guessed it. The book cover is none other than purple.
Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to see more purple posts, have a look here at Julie's blog.

Have a great Friday (tomorrow)!


  1. My goodness, those cards are all quite spectacular but the top two are just stunning!
    I think purple is your colour, it really suits you ... I took some photos using a mirror as a reflector, I thought I'd thoroughly cleaned it too, the flint seems to stick around so don't worry too much!

  2. It's funny how you atart to see it everywhere isn't it? You look great in your new outfit - they're really nice shades, especially with your hair. Great cards too - love the embossing.

    You're all pinned now:


    Julie :-)

  3. purple and bronze is one of my fav combos - your cards look so rich and festive. Love your new jumper

  4. Those are wonderfully rich cards at the top - the bronze with the purple is a great combination. That's a lovely photo of you too - and funny how once you start noticing purple, you see it everywhere!

  5. gorgeous cards! Love the "joyful Christmas" stamp done in purple and bronze!

  6. There's no doubt about it - purple really suits you!

    I've been seeing quite a lot of purple in shop windows here for Christmas too - it looks fresh and different, it hasn't been popular for a while. Your cards are beautiful - that's some stamp isn't it?

  7. I bought me a new purple turtleneck the other day, such a royal color.

    I really like your cards - those first two are my favorite, absolutely elegant!

  8. Fabulous cards, Ginger - I need that Tim Holtz stamp!!

  9. Beautiful cards Ginger...loving all your purple!
    Alison xx

  10. Love those top 2 cards! New outfit looks great and boy does purple ever suit you.

  11. Those christmas cards are gorgeous :) and I think purple is one of the 'in' colours at the moment, as all the shops seem to have purple clothes in :)