Sunday, November 13, 2011

8 Seconds...

My weekend has been crazy busy with very little time for anything scrapbooking related! So I thought I would share a few photos of what I was up to.

I have lived in this city for 24 years and have never gone to the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo). I have been to the Calgary Stampede and so when Marvin asked Thursday night if I would like to go to the CFR, I said, "sure why not"? Seeing some rodeo action sounded like a great thing to do on a Sunday afternoon! Now I have to warn you... my camera is not conducive to taking fast action shots... I did play with the settings and did the best I could... in fact... when I started to prepare for this post and looked at all the photos I took this weekend... none of them are stellar... but I'm okay with that.

Bareback bronc riding is exciting to watch, but I must admit... it is more fun to watch the bulls...

I cannot imagine doing this for a living... 8 seconds seems like a very long time to be on one of these things, however; they are very skilled at what they do and I commend them for trying.

I forgot to change the setting on the camera when Lloyd took this photo of Marvin and I... so it's a little extra fuzzy...
Some other photos to share from Saturday night... I spent most of the weekend preparing for our guests... we had a few friends over for appetizers...
That is my weekend in rewind :)

Have a wonderful week friends!


  1. What a lot you packed in! I had no idea rodeos still existed ... Your food looks delicious - a lot of lovely preparation and hope it was enjoyed!

  2. We have rodeos here too, but usually on a much smaller scale - I have been to one, once before.
    Your evening with friends looks lovely, all of that food, you were so busy with the preparations ... yummo!

  3. I think that grainy look just adds to the atmosphere of your shots. Looks like a lovely time spent with friends too.

  4. One of the best things about blogging? Learning about what my friends get up to in their spare time! I love these atmospheric photos - looks like you have run a great action on them?

  5. In this case, grainy totally works! And I'm thinking from the looks of it that I'd love to come to your place for appetizers!

  6. I agree that the photos look just great all really makes them atmospheric.....and a rodeo is not something I'm ever likely to see in 'real life' thanks for sharing yours!

  7. Love your rodeo pics..and the appetizers look yummy!
    Alison xx

  8. Boy do those appetizers ever look yummy. Your pictures reminded me so much of when I went to the Calgary Stampede for my one and only time.

  9. Looks like a fun weekend - those appetizers are making me hungry!

    I like that photo of you & Marvin, looks like y'all were having a fun time.