Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My November in Numbers

Another month has passed us by... You can play along too... with your own Month in Numbers, a little something Julie over at Notes on Paper started some time ago.

Here is my November...

*65* cups of coffee - okay, but not all of them are this big!
*1* - visit to the Endodontist for a not as painful as I thought it would be root canal.

*51* Christmas cards created.
*2* new pairs of glasses purchased.

*11* Christmas cards mailed...

*3* pairs of wet socks after coaxing this fur-ball back into the house from attempted escape.

And there it is... my November in numbers...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend In Review, Nov. 26

Hello friends :) We are in the throws of holiday preparations and Christmas parties; therefore, not many blog posts this past week and I imagine it will be this way for the next few weeks given the season.

Rather than just sharing photos tonight, I managed to get a quick digi layout completed. I used a biograffiti template , withpapers and embellishments from Carina Gardner.

I am so thankful to have my December Daily/JYC album created as last year it was difficult for me to keep up. I look forward to this week and to record our December. Thanks Nadine for a great album!

 I am going to try and make if for Julie's, Months in Numbers and for Sian's Storytelling Sunday. What about you, how is your schedule fairing?

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Girl Canvas

On Saturday I took a class with Lisa who continues to amaze me! She showed us how to use Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's stencils... I have a healthy stash of these goodies and I'm so happy I took Lisa's class because she always makes you feel confident in your ability... when it came to painting and blending the face, I was a bit skeptical, but Lisa made if very easy... I love how my girl turned out.

The stencils I used for this canvas were the following:

Well, I finally broke down and purchased PSE 10, mostly because hubby needs to do some offloading of the main computer and/or needs to add more memory to our hard drive and so it has become impossible to do anything on the main computer in PSE... so I downloaded it onto my little netbook! Now I never need to go into the office and I am just so thrilled to have the new and updated version. Having just given you a bit of info on the Pioneer Woman's actions, I cannot figure out yet how to download them into PSE 10 and so the photos above were edited the long handed version which I don't think I completed all the steps properly. It's kind of like using speed dial... if you use it... you forget the phone number when you don't have the speed dial!?! Anyone else have that problem?

Okay... well I'm hoping the -25C weather is just a figment of my imagination and that when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be like a sauna, well maybe not quite that hot but you know what I mean!

Oh, I manged to get the two Christmas trees up today... I know... it's a tad early, but now I'll have time to get the 8 dozen cookies started for my Cookie Exchange!

Alright, enough chitter chatter... bedtime!

Have a great week everyone :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Purple: Cards, Clothes & Books!

One of the things I love about Christmas is the opportunity to use different colours for cards instead of the more traditional red & green. I will always incorporate purple into some of the cards I make. When I first saw these Tim Holtz stamps I knew exactly how I wanted to use them and opulence was key. I pulled out my embossing powders and used purple with bronze on kraft paper as well as red and bronze...  I love how they turned out...

I love the simplicity of this next card using white on white with a splash of colour from the stamped images and string...
With Julie's Purple Phase I admit it has me noticing purple more often than not... It seems all the shops have a bit of purple whether it is Starbucks Espresso bean bags (I tried to get a photo but it just didn't work) or this pajama store I noticed on my lunch break.
The clothing stores definitely have more purple as I purchased this knit sweater and top combo of which I absolutely love. (Sorry for the dirty mirror! Really I did clean it, but must have missed a spot - or two!!)
And lastly, I received my course material for my January class. You guessed it. The book cover is none other than purple.
Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to see more purple posts, have a look here at Julie's blog.

Have a great Friday (tomorrow)!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

December Daily or JYC

For the last several weeks I have watched as a few of you have shared your plans for your December Daily or JYC albums.... I have to say Amy, Cheri and Alexa had me thinking I should do a digital album... what with all their organizing and pretty papers and wonderful templates, and in fact I was all ready to purchase some of Ali's digi products to add to add to this album, but I decided I did not need them. I'm really excited to have stuck with my decision to take Nadine's 25 Days of Christmas album!! This is what I will be making on Nov. 26th...

This album is right up my alley! It has fun patterns and room to add some embellishments and journaling cards. LOVE it!! If you are wanting to make the album, you can check out the classes at Treasured Memories...
Maybe I'll see you there?
Okay... It's really late and way past my bedtime!!
Have a good day tomorrow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

PSE Actions

With yesterdays post many of you commented on the "atmosphere" of the photos. I told you how I felt they were not stellar, and Sian had questioned if I used any actions... and the answer is yes...  I use the "Pioneer Woman's" Actions... they are a wonderful way to take your photos and give them the look that so many photographers use... now I am no photographer and I am not an expert in any of the terminology so this is more a post to show you in particular how you can make a not so good photo into something that is better, and the best part? Next to them being free... well it would have to be the one click to make the action work...

Here is a photo board so you can see the difference...

The first photo shows you how muted it was. Very washed out looking. The next photo I used the "define sharp" action. I use this one on almost every photo I post. It gives it a bit of a crisper look. Most of the time it's all a photo needs. However, then you see a huge difference in the third photo. I could have stopped there, but I really wanted that old 70's look. The "Seventies" action is my favourite.

There are a few other places you can go to buy actions for PSE or Photoshop... I think Florabella has some of the most drool worthy actions out there... now why have I not purchased any yet? I don't know... perhaps I need to give my head a shake! Any family reading this post? Christmas is coming (hint) (hint) :)

Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

8 Seconds...

My weekend has been crazy busy with very little time for anything scrapbooking related! So I thought I would share a few photos of what I was up to.

I have lived in this city for 24 years and have never gone to the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo). I have been to the Calgary Stampede and so when Marvin asked Thursday night if I would like to go to the CFR, I said, "sure why not"? Seeing some rodeo action sounded like a great thing to do on a Sunday afternoon! Now I have to warn you... my camera is not conducive to taking fast action shots... I did play with the settings and did the best I could... in fact... when I started to prepare for this post and looked at all the photos I took this weekend... none of them are stellar... but I'm okay with that.

Bareback bronc riding is exciting to watch, but I must admit... it is more fun to watch the bulls...

I cannot imagine doing this for a living... 8 seconds seems like a very long time to be on one of these things, however; they are very skilled at what they do and I commend them for trying.

I forgot to change the setting on the camera when Lloyd took this photo of Marvin and I... so it's a little extra fuzzy...
Some other photos to share from Saturday night... I spent most of the weekend preparing for our guests... we had a few friends over for appetizers...
That is my weekend in rewind :)

Have a wonderful week friends!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today I am joining Beverly over at Be Glorious for her 11-11-11 Blogging Event. She has asked if I would play along with the 11-11-11 theme. You can join in too... If you have 11 favourite photos, or 11 things you would like to accomplish/or have accomplished, or maybe you have 11 books you have read or would like to read and would like to share... She has set up a linky so feel free to participate.

I have done a bit of a twist on Beverly's theme... as you are aware I have been working on my Yesterday and Today class and it just happens the layout I was working on this week has... 11 Photos! Yes... it does and they are 11 Photos that express my perspective on my life right now... based on Ali's word prompts... There are 11 words in this layout and the idea is to document the things you would like to remember about yourself at this time in your life...

The 11 words are... Live... Am... See... Work... Go... Dream... Think... Play... Eat... Love...  and Make.

You can see more 11-11-11 posts here...

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Things, November Edition

This is the November edition of 10 Things, brought to you by Shimelle...

When I started the Mail Art Exchange based on "the Good Mail Day" book, I had no idea if people would be interested... I have since seen and received many pieces of good mail and thought I would share with you what some of these creative bloggers have sent as happy mail...

1. Alexa - over at Trimming the Sails.

I love how much care and detail Alexa used with this beautiful doodled/hand drawn design envelope. How talented... well, I guess I'm not really surprised... she does create lots of interesting graphics so why would this be anything short of spectacular... she also included some post cards and a newsletter of where she comes from... it fit the theme of "earth" quite well.

 2. Joanne from Sugar and Scraps

When I opened this pretty envelope from Joanne, I was not expecting what I found inside, I jumped a bit and then burst out laughing! It scared me to see this photo of a witch... but with Halloween around the corner from when I received it... it fit the mood! Joanne is currently taking on the "52 Weeks of Mail" and I feel honoured to have received this card from her!

3. Ruth from Chatty Crafty Arty Pig

Another creative use of the theme Earth. I love the hand drawn airplane and clouds and who doesn't need a blow up globe beach ball?? LOVE it!

4.   Melissa over at Daily Life: Bits & Pieces
 I was really enthralled with Melissa's version of the "Earth" theme. She used a magazine paper to make an envelope which not only fit the recycle aspect of the theme, but the pictures were of an outdoor table setting! Very innovative!

 5. Helena of Helena's Creative Maven

Helena is a Photoshop Elements wizard! Really... if you want to see some very cool photo editing techniques you will want to have a look at her blog! For the Mail Art Exchange, she found a brush of the "Earth" and printed it on envelopes with the "Happy Mail Day" greeting! On her card she used a starburst photo to create the interesting print. Lots of fun!

6. Amy at Over at Our Place

Amy took a photo of the beautiful landscape of her country Australia and added a thoughtful quote. The colours of the photo match the paper she used on the envelope to give you the feel of the colour of the "Earth" in her part of the world. The card she made, also a photo, was made to look like a painting. I think her interpretation of the theme "Earth" is fantastic!

7.  Jacky at Scrappyjacky

 How pretty is that paper made envelope... I love the colour combinations and Jacky has a real knack for mixing pattern paper, just look at the memory folder she made! Not only is she a master scrapper but she makes some of the most beautiful and creative cards I have seen!

8. Beverly at Be Glorious

Beverly made a beautifully coloured envelope in which she sent these wonderfully handmade cards. Beverly has recently opened her own Etsy shop which you can see more of her fun creations here.

9. Rinda of Gallo Organico
 This is a piece of art Rinda created and sent it as a postcard. I love this collage of photos she took and the colours really are spectacular.

10. Denise over at Chocolate Mousie

Denise made me this pretty envelope of flowers in which she carried the theme over to her card and then to my pleasant surprise she included some colourful flowers of which I have used most of them.

There you have it... my 10 pieces of Mail Art received... all from the Mail Art Exchange group.

You can see more Ten Things post over at Shimelle's.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My October in Numbers

Julie Kirk has posted her month in numbers and is inviting you to join her. I think this is a great way to review items from our month with a different perspective and wanted to play along.

*5* The number of layouts I created.
*10* Blog posts written.
*1* The number of acrobats I saw handing out lip gloss.

*2* The number of weeks vacation we booked for Jamaica.
*2* The number of times I visited the dentist/endodontist regarding my sore tooth.
*22* The number of "treaters" we had visiting our abode on Halloween.
*1* Night experiencing 80's flashback and singing along with Joan Jett - she sounds just like she did when I was 13.
*4* Times I crossed this street...

 to have one of these... (chicken shawarma).
There you have it... my month in numbers.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday & Today - Week 9

I love how Ali Edwards gets us to think of the everyday and how important it is to document it. In the 9th week of Yesterday and Today she asks us to document a day in our life, it's much like a "Week in the Life", but I enjoyed taking one day and just observing and noting what I did. So here is my layout...

I mentioned previously that I want to create an album from this class, but I have a bit of a concern, so if anyone has had an album printed in the past perhaps you can help me. I am wondering how you know if the font size you use will be legible when it goes for printing? The font on this layout is a bit small. I know you can just read it if you click on the photo, but is there something I should do to ensure the size is not too small. I would hate to have this printed as a book and not be able to read it.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Motivating My Inner Passion

On Tuesday I went to a conference. The speaker in the afternoon was an inspiration; the topic - "Awaken the Passion Inside". Her name is Tammy Robertson... she was fabulous... quite funny... and brought home some very good messages... Anyway, one thing she mentioned was to have some items at work that will make you laugh; to help you remember to not take life too seriously.... I told you a few weeks ago how my co-worker Alison and I have decided to check out a new shop in the neighbourhood each week while on our lunch hour. Our first stop was the tea shop, then the following week we went to the chocolate shop (I did not get any photos of that one as the chocolates were gone before I could get my camera out!), and so this week we went to the "Tin Box". They have all kinds of cool little gadgets, kitchen accessories, hats, purses... you get the idea...
I was curious when I saw this book... as you know I do love cats...
Upon opening it... I began to laugh... and the laughing did not stop ...

Perhaps you have seen Maru on You Tube... he is quite famous and now has a book!
The book will sit on my desk and when I need a good chuckle... well I will just leaf through this...

Have a fantastic evening!