Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Ramblings...

Do you ever have a hard time naming your posts? Just wondering...

This morning I made a couple sympathy cards... one for a family friend and another for my cousin who recently lost her dog...

All supplies Stampin Up - except for the ribbon which I got in a kit from Treasured Memories.

I got a new hairdresser earlier this year and I absolutely LOVE her! Yesterday she gave me a new hair colour! It's kind of purplish red... it's pretty bright in the light but red fades fast, so I'm sure it will tone down... Do you always have a plan when you see your hair dresser? I used to look through hair magazines and take the photo of the cut I wanted and then ask if they could make me look like that... I haven't done that for a long time...

Today we are having a family BBQ to celebrate all the August birthdays! My job is to make a salad... which I better get my butt to the grocery store for my ingredients... I put a request in to my aunt to make Banana Cream Pie... she loves to bring the dessert... Marvin is hoping she will make her Skor Bars again as he couldn't get enough of them the last time we got together...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Hope the BBQ goes well,Ginger.
    I think the card is just perfect for a sympathy card....always so difficult to make.

  2. I agree with Jacky...sympathy cards are hard to get right-that one is spot on! hope you enjoyed the BBQ!
    Alison xx

  3. I hope you and your new hair had a great BBQ!

    Sometimes I think of titles before I think of posts. I write them down in a notebook so I don't forget and then try to write a post around a title.

    Yes, Florabella "Color and Haze" actions are what I used

  4. Other people always think of far more original titles than I do - which I could think of better ones.
    As for the hair question, my daughter retrained to be a hairdresser two years ago after deciding that commuting into London and working media was not for her and so I am frequently her 'model'. It goes without saying that I have very little input as to what I have done ... 'so mum, this week I'm practising layers' and layers it is!

  5. oops, spot the typo in the first line 'WISH' not 'WHICH'! Doh!

  6. very pretty card. and I struggle with blog post titles all the time

  7. That is a very pretty card. Love the repeated image. Lovely. One of the things I'm super sad about if I do move back to Orlando is leaving my stylist behind. I love mine too and she cuts my hair exactly how I want it. You don't want to give it up when you find a gem! Your new color sounds fun!

  8. That's great idea for a card, and a design that could be used for many different occasions - this is so gently subtle ... Yep, not good on blog titles either!

  9. No, I'm not good on titles either, blog or pages. I wish I could do a post like this one though, I love all the bits. Hairdresser... I have had mine for years and love what she does. I go for the red colours in the winter, I find they last longer. We have a family weekend coming up where we will celebrate two anniversary and three birthdays! Just hoping for a dry evening. I love the colours you used on the card xxx