Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, WITL

Here it is... the final day! The week has gone by quickly... yesterday I mostly spent preparing for today.

Although we did clean up a big chunk of the dinner party, this is what the kitchen looked like after the night before!

 Treasured Memories had a special event on Sunday so I had made a list of things I wanted, but I hardly stuck to it at all...

This is Chantel and KC with Chantel's beautiful and cute little girl Scarlett... These sisters own Treasured Memories and are two of the sweetest people I know, always so friendly and interested when you visit...

 My stash! Yummy....

The view above...

Starting the process of deciding which photos and what size to print...
An evening snack...  for those of you who live in the Edmonton area... you must check out "Everything Cheese"...they are a bit pricey... but let me tell you... the quality is outstanding... If you are looking for something special you cannot go wrong with their suggestions... see yesterday's post for a photo I took inside the shop...

So that is it... one week... done and documented... I look forward to telling my stories, I will share with you my pages as I go through this week... until then... have a wonderful holiday Monday for those of you who are taking in the Civic Stat...



  1. Have really enjoyed seeing your week,Ginger....and would I love a scrapbook shop like that near me!!!

  2. It's probably best we don't have a shop like that where I live or I strongly suspect that I would be much poorer than normal! What a fab selection of crafty stuff.
    Love the sound of the cheese shop, love finding new cheeses to try!

  3. It's been really enjoyable sharing your week.

  4. Well done Ginger - you have made it through the week ... I can't wait to see what you come up with when putting it all together!

  5. What a bunch of great scrappin' goodies. Congrats on documenting the week - looking forward to your pages.

  6. We love you Ginger! :) Thanks for stopping by on Sunday, and thanks for sharing your week with us all! Have a fabulous day!

  7. Looks like a rich and interesting day! Looking forward to seeing how your WITL unfolds.

  8. An aftermath like that just shows what a wonderful time was had by all!

  9. Totally envious - you've got a local scrapbooking store. All of mine have closed down and I'm stuck with either Michaels or Creative Memories. :) Hope you had a great holiday - our's was gorgeous and not too hot for a change. :)

  10. Have enjoyed a peek at your the look of that Scrapbook store!!
    Alison xx