Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple Invites, Digital Card Tutorial - Part 1

Some of you are already aware of the invitations I needed to make for Marvin last week... I thought I would share with you how quick and easy it was to make these.

Here is what my card looked like...

A sneak close up of the inside...

First off, I knew right away I would make a hybrid card. I did not come across too many digital templates for cards and yes I could have easily made my own in PSE but because it was a hectic week last week I just wanted someone else to do that for me! The first place I went to was Jessica Sprague and I found these...

Then I found this kit I have been coveting for some time... perfect reason to purchase no?

I found the card template I liked and opened it up in PSE... Now I use PSE 7 on a PC which the principals I should think are still very much the same in PSE 8 & 9.

This is the card template I picked, however the template was not set up for me, usually when you purchase templates they are already layered for you... this one was not... just a minor inconvenience... so you can see all the different elements on the card above, the designer separated those out so I need to open them all up and place them on the card myself. I will show you below.

You can see all the elements open now in my bin area at the bottom of the screen.

Here I clicked on that brown rectangular shape and dragged it down to the bin area, onto the solid green piece (you can see the solid green shape in the photo above). So now I have the front of the card (brown) layered onto the larger green shape which is the card base.
I continue to click on each separate piece and drag it down onto my card.
 Now, I did not use all the elements from the card kit as I wanted to keep it simple, and the birdie and leaf elements just did not fit the theme.
 Once I had my card "assembled" I opened up my paper kit and picked the papers I wanted to use for the card.

You add the paper by selecting the element you want to add the paper to. You will see on the right side in the layers palette I have selected the layer I want to add the paper to.

Here, I have already dragged my patterned paper onto the card, with still having that layer selected I will now click on "Ctrl G" for a PC, sorry I don't know what the command is for a Mac.

My card is now ready. I have added all my layers, but I must merge those layers so I can move the card onto an 8.5x11 page. Before you do this though you will want to save your card as a PSD file. This will allow you to keep the layers open and you can come back to the card anytime and make adjustments. If you do make adjustments but you want to keep the old version, then just save it as a new PSD file.

So click on the top layer and then press your shift button and click on the last layer... all the layers should be highlighted now and then right click on your mouse and you will see a drop down. Pick merge layers.

There... now your document is ready to be moved, now all the layers on the right are gone.
Go to your file menu and open a new blank file 8.5x11. Drag your card onto the document twice and place it accordingly. Merge the layers and there you are... Ready to print it off.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

What about you? Have you ever tried making a digital card? Or do you prefer the hands on method? How do you manage to come up with a design on short notice for a large order of cards?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you so very much. I play a little with digi, but just the basics really, but I love what you do

  2. I have never ever thought of making digital cards. Wow! I think you have just opened up a whole new world for me. You really have got me thinking

  3. Ginger, these turned out great. I've created a few digital cards when Jessica Sprague did a free card-making class last year. I really should go back through that material sometime as I never finished all the different cards, some traditional, some hybrid, some digital.