Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail Art Exchange

Hello Everyone! We are gearing up for another Mail Art Exchange which will be announced in another couple weeks. So to get everyone in the spirit I thought I would show you a little step by step on something I made recently.

One of the things I heard from several people was that they were not sure if they should participate because they are not very "artsy"... I'm here to tell you that it's okay :) You don't have to be at all! In fact I'm going to show you just how easy it is.

First, I want you to walk through your house and look for things (not scrapbooking related) that you might like to glue to an envelope... sounds silly doesn't it? But, it's easy to find things... look I'll show you what I came up with...
Clockwise from top left... I found a Bath & Body Works pamphlet in my purse that was given to me the other day while shopping, a left over map, my grocery bill which happens to have advertisements on the back of it, some leftover Avery stickers, a claim ticket from duty free, and my favourite... a label that was attached to the jam jar I bought a few weeks ago. Other things you might find interesting... Tea packaging... fruit stickers... drycleaning/parking vouchers.

Okay... so here is my first take at this... If you do not have glue, that is the one thing you will need... I just used Elmers which I bought in the school supply aisle at the local drugstore. I started by placing things on the envelope in a way I thought might be pleasing... It really doesn't matter... I actually didn't really even think about how I wanted this to look, there was NO planning whatsoever :)

Just keep adding things...
Don't forget about the back of the envelope :) This bill was a long one so I was able to wrap it around the entire envelope.

Here is the front... I have pretty much decided at this point that I have glued enough things down. Now I left enough room at the top to add the stamp... the best part about all this is the reaction you might get from the person at the post office! If anything... you should do this just to see if you manage to get a reaction, then you could report back to us :)

Here is something I thought of after taking the initial photo with all the supplies... Hubby printed this off for me (a news article from our Journal)... I thought why let it go to waste and decided to recycle it to the back of the envelope!

Okay so if we stopped here would you be happy? Certainly you could stop here and send this one off and the recipient would think you are amazing!!

But, if you wanted to add just a little bit more because you can... you might try some doodles... Nothing fancy mind you... all you need is a pen...

There... my doodles are on and are by no means perfect! Do I care? Nope... Do I have a theme here? Nope... I like the randomness of this good mail piece... I know exactly where this one is headed and I'm pretty sure she will like it:)

Recently Melissa posted on the Good Mail Day book and how she felt intimidated by some of the mail art sent by others... I was happy to see she found a style that suited her... you can read her post here.

You can also read more about Good Mail Day and Mail Art Exchange by clicking on these headings under my labels section on the left side of my blog.

So if you would like to participate in the next "Mail Art Exchange" then just e-mail me at and I will add your name to our list... In September I will announce when the Mail Art Exchange will be and I have picked a theme so look for that as well!

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. This is great! It's certainly a style I would love to have a go at, especially after seeing the beautiful envelope I received from Melissa yesterday

  2. I think I'm already on "the list" from the first round, but just in case, I'll be emailing you... had so much fun with this!

  3. This is a great tutorial! Sometimes we just need to let go of the angst and just create and not care how it turns out. :)

  4. Great tutorial,Ginger....and I'm definately in for 'part 2'.

  5. OK....I'm going to 'bite the bullet' and join in...especially as I am the next recipient of the 'Mail Art' book from Pass the Book!
    Alison xx

  6. Okay then, I can probably manage this ... I am going to go and check out all your previous posts because I have lots of basic questions, like, what type of envelope is best to use? I just might have to start collecting a few things!

  7. Great tutorial - I really feel I missed out last time as was not sure what to expect so haveemailed you x

  8. Hi Ginger, I've pinned this to the Going Postal board:

    Thanks for letting me know about it. :-)

  9. I love the freedom that this tutorial gives... so against my nature! That's why I should probably sign up (even though I have never done this before!)

  10. Thanks for the link back to my Mail Art - I had so much fun making it. I like the way you showed step-by-step how truly easy & fun it is. I have to save some grocery store receipts, too, because they have those ads on the back - perfect! I'm looking forward to the next exchange.

  11. I have to say, I'm one of those that worry about taking part, as I just don't think I could do it justice. I will give it some thought though, after seeing this - I just love what you've done

  12. I would like to participate. I have some questions. I will try and email you. This sounds like fun.