Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhone Lust

Some of you know I own a Blackberry... but before I even purchased it I lusted after the iPhone... that is more than 2 years ago... my carrier at the time did not have the iPhone, but within 6 months of my purchase... they got the iPhone 4 and I thought it would be simple enough to return my phone and upgrade etc... etc... at least that`s what the lady told me I could do! So now... I have 9 more months to wait, unless of course I want to pay to get out of my contract... but of course now the iPhone 5 will be out before long... so I`m holding out...until then... well... I live vicariously through my hubby's iPhone... I made sure he added the Hipstamatic app immediately upon purchase...

These may not be the best photos exhibiting the qualities of this fun app... but I still think it's way more fun than ANY Blackberry app... EVER!

Keep it cool peeps :)

Hey... BTW... if you haven't signed up for the Mail Art Exchange you have until this Sunday!! Check out this post.... just sayin'...

Also... Don't forget....Storytelling Sunday... this Sunday... at "From High In The Sky"...



  1. LOL, I adore my iPhone... it is definitely addicting! I'm addicted to Instagram.... and Hipstamatic!

  2. I am in *love* with my iPhone and my iMac - couldn't live without either of them! The wait will be worth it!!! I adore Hipstamatic but there are also a handful of other great photo apps that you will LOVE!!!

  3. I love my iPhone too. Today I'm working on a layout with some pictures I took for a post about it I did a while back.

    Thanks for the shout-out! Much appreciated

  4. I think I'm going to get an iPhone soon . . . now that Robbie is back working full-time. :>) I'm looking forward to the Mail Art Exchange!

  5. I'm still in the Dark Ages - mine cost £19.99 and only takes calls and sends texts. :) Happy lusting and may it end in The Real MacCoy!

  6. Until they let me have an iPhone with only $10.00 web charge, I refuse to get one. I'm Apple 100%, but $30.00 per month to use a phone I'm paying out the butt for to begin with is too much. :-P

  7. That's funny - I went with a blackberry simply because the rest of the family has them & it's so easy to pin back & forth but I did want an IPhone - I have to wait till next July before Rogers will let me upgrade. (: