Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Digital Card Tutorial - Part III

Hello again! In this tutorial I will be sharing the final touches on how I made this card...

You can see Digital Tutorial Part I, here and Part II here...

In Part II we ended off with completing the insert... One thing I did not mention in Part II was to save that file in its PSD format. This means you want to save it with all the layers open, not merged. That allows you to come back to it in the PSD format and make changes to the card if you like. Go to File and click on Save As...
I have a file created for all my PSD's...

What I did next was open a new file, 8.5 x 11in size. Then I took my insert and dragged it onto that file. That is my first layer.
Instead of copying and pasting, there is a keyboard shortcut to do this with a PC. Hover your mouse on the invite and click your "alt" key, you will then see a double arrow. While still pressing the alt key, click on your mouse and drag. You will then have a second copy of the item and can place it where you like. Repeat this two more times.
Here is my version. Once you have completed copying, then you can save the file  in its PSD format if you like before merging the layers.
Merge the layers by clicking on the background, then while holding the shift key click the top layer, then right click and merge the layers. Now we can print it off. Cut them out and place the insert inside. Add pearls or other embellishment to give it some dimension.

This is the final version with the insert.

Thank you for joining me in this series! I hope I have given you some inspiration with hybrid cards. I see so many people out there making their Christmas Cards, I am considering making mine hybrid and perhaps this is a perfect option for you too!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Thank you so much, I'll be using your tutorial that's for sure.

  2. Oh yes, almost time to start thinking about Christmas cards & gifts.

  3. These look so lovely en masse like this - great design and clear tutorial too. I wish I could think about Christmas, but it's just not happening.