Sunday, August 14, 2011

Announcement: Mail Art Exchange No. 2

Update - Mail Art Exchange Now CLOSED.

Hello Everyone!

I know in my previous post I said I would not be announcing the Exchange until September, but I had put more thought into things and realized it's better to announce it now! So here we are...

You will notice I have a page now dedicated to the Mail Art Exchange... Please have a look at it. It will give you background information and explain how things work with the exchange.

I am so excited to share that this will be a theme based exchange! Our theme is:


When I think of Earth , my thoughts go to nature and hiking, I think of green trees and rolling hills, oceans and blue skies. I think of the sun shining down and beautiful moonlit nights

I also think of things like Greenpeace, recycling and saving our planet.

We are approaching Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and so with this change comes falling leaves, cooler weather and warm, earthy toned colours like Autumn yellow, Olive Green and brown... these were the colours picked by Lisa, who won my recent giveaway...

Some creative ideas:
  • use maps of the earth
  • use the colours associated with your part of the earth
  • incorporate different textures, for example wood-grains or leaf motifs
  • animals from nature that make you think of the earth, like birds or polar bears (or whichever animal from your part of the world that makes you think of nature and the earth); use stamps, draw or find pictures
  • finding products you can recycle much like the tutorial I gave here
  • photos, magazine cutouts with your interpretation of the theme; use them in a collage if you like
  • use a Fall coloured palette with patterned paper, paints or inks.
  • create a digital version of the theme and print it out on an envelope, or print onto paper and glue it to an envelope
This should help you get started with your piece of mail... Remember, the theme is broad, so if there is something I have not mentioned here that's okay, just go with it :) You are certainly welcome to e-mail me (ginbin70@  if you feel you need to talk it through, or if you are still a bit uncertain.

This Mail Art Exchange is open to anyone, the more the merrier! If you would like to sign up for the exchange, please read this Mail Art Exchange for how it works and what you need to do.

The closing date for signing up is Sunday, September 4th at 1200 noon (MDT).

The Mail Art Exchange posting deadline will be Monday, September 26th.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up these last few days.... I look forward to seeing your "Earth" themed Mail Art!



  1. We must have ESP, I was printing off maps this weekend for my envelopes!

  2. sounds fabulous! I would love to be involved! I'll send you an email too!

  3. Sounds great,Ginger.....having a theme pulls it altogether....and will be fascinating to see how different people interpret it.

  4. Thank you for the ideas....this is do-able!
    Alison xx

  5. Love the idea of a theme-based exchange. Looking forward to it,

  6. Looks really fab, and I look forward to what everyone comes up with. Sadly I'm still too tired to do any crafting, maybe next time!

  7. hat's a great theme, and looking forward to it. :)

  8. Well, now I received my gorgeously generous prize, I am motivated and ready to join in on this great idea! Count me in. Thanks for all the ideas...

  9. I would love to join in this time round Ginger. Great idea to have a theme and it will be fun to see how everyone interprets it.

  10. This sounds fun! Heard about the Mail Art Exchange from Lisa. I'll be sending you an email!!