Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhone Lust

Some of you know I own a Blackberry... but before I even purchased it I lusted after the iPhone... that is more than 2 years ago... my carrier at the time did not have the iPhone, but within 6 months of my purchase... they got the iPhone 4 and I thought it would be simple enough to return my phone and upgrade etc... etc... at least that`s what the lady told me I could do! So now... I have 9 more months to wait, unless of course I want to pay to get out of my contract... but of course now the iPhone 5 will be out before long... so I`m holding out...until then... well... I live vicariously through my hubby's iPhone... I made sure he added the Hipstamatic app immediately upon purchase...

These may not be the best photos exhibiting the qualities of this fun app... but I still think it's way more fun than ANY Blackberry app... EVER!

Keep it cool peeps :)

Hey... BTW... if you haven't signed up for the Mail Art Exchange you have until this Sunday!! Check out this post.... just sayin'...

Also... Don't forget....Storytelling Sunday... this Sunday... at "From High In The Sky"...


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Ramblings...

Do you ever have a hard time naming your posts? Just wondering...

This morning I made a couple sympathy cards... one for a family friend and another for my cousin who recently lost her dog...

All supplies Stampin Up - except for the ribbon which I got in a kit from Treasured Memories.

I got a new hairdresser earlier this year and I absolutely LOVE her! Yesterday she gave me a new hair colour! It's kind of purplish red... it's pretty bright in the light but red fades fast, so I'm sure it will tone down... Do you always have a plan when you see your hair dresser? I used to look through hair magazines and take the photo of the cut I wanted and then ask if they could make me look like that... I haven't done that for a long time...

Today we are having a family BBQ to celebrate all the August birthdays! My job is to make a salad... which I better get my butt to the grocery store for my ingredients... I put a request in to my aunt to make Banana Cream Pie... she loves to bring the dessert... Marvin is hoping she will make her Skor Bars again as he couldn't get enough of them the last time we got together...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip to the Fort!

It had been quite some time since I had been to Fort Edmonton Park, but Marvin wanted to go and have lunch at the Selkirk Hotel as we had heard good things about it.

After our lunch we walked around for just a bit and came across this lovely young girl. She works at the park and the staff are encouraged to talk with the visitors... this layout is a piece of our conversation...

Supplies: Bo Bunny & Glitz Papers, Stamps, buttons & Ribbon - MME, Sticker letters - BG, Scrabble piece - Treasured Memories, Journaling sticker - Glitz, Glimmer Mist - Tattered Angels, Paint - Claudine Hellmuth, crochet flower - unknown.

When I pulled out these photos I knew exactly what I was going to use for it. I love these new papers from Bo Bunny, they were part of my birthday gift from hubby! I used glimmer mist and paint for the background AND these....

I LOVE these stamps from MME!

Are there any new products that you are loving up from the new collections?

Wherever you are I hope you are having a fun and creative day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Great Loss For All Canadians

You may not have agreed with his politics... but you cannot deny that he was a great leader. His letter to all Canadians is a testament that he was here to make a difference. To spend his final hours writing a letter to all of us and to those who are suffering from cancer with a message to never give up hope even though his own fight has ended.

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."        The Honourable Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrat Party of Canada, and Official Leader of the Opposition.

I suggest if you are Canadian you read his inspiring words. You can read his letter here.

Disclaimer: Please note this post is no reflection of my own political views, but shows that I am sad to see someone who was so energetic and passionate, someone who loved this country and believed in making a better Canada, pass on.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shimelle - Starting Point Challenge

I have another layout I completed for Shimelle's Challenges... this is the Starting Point Challenge

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a great day! I will share more of that on a different post, but I did want to make a layout from my evening crop at Treasured Memories. Shimelle's challenge was to start a layout with the base created as she had and then to add your own flair... I made this late last night, and so in essence it is pretty much scrap-lifted from Shimelle's original layout... I did have fun making it!

Papers are from Glitz, Echo Park, Basic Grey, and Crate Paper. Journaling card & circles from Mary Anne's printables and letter stickers are Crate Paper.

By my calculations it is almost 7 PM in England and so if you are still interested in partaking in Shimelle's challenges at a chance to win some prizes you have about 5 hours to do just that :)

I hope your weekend has been a fabulous one, and now I really should spend some time outside as the weather men are telling us it could be the warmest day of the year!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shimelle Stickery Challenge

This is Shimelle's Stickery Challenge. I have had this American Craft kit for about a year now and thought it went perfectly with this layout. In this challenge Shimelle had us using stickers from a couple of different lines. I used American Crafts and Hambly. I love stickers. They add another dimension to scrapbooking and these ones were lots of fun!
Everything is American Craft except for the cluster of stickers on the right. Those are Hambly.

The journaling on this one reads:
On our return to Edmonton, we stopped in Saskatoon to hook up with Tyler and her friend Jess at the Bessborough. Before we hopped back in the vehicle I spied the ice cream Bus Stop and was thrilled they had "Tiger" ice cream!!

Shimelle Challenge - Printables

I thought I would try to get in a couple of Shimelle's Challenges from last weekend... you can still participate as the prizes will be drawn Sunday at Midnight. This one is called the Printable Challenge... I loved the printable PDF's from Mary Anne... over at Scrappy Inky Mess. I decided to go with a card... very simple...

Mary Anne also provides some printable journaling cards which are great for your layouts and if you check out her website, she has lots of other printables you can download :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Randoms & Accomplishments!

I have been busy this past week tying up a few things before heading back to work next week... sigh... 4 weeks is wonderful... but I'm a bit nervous as I go back to work for one week before starting a new job... the new job is temporary which I am quite happy with as it allows me to try something completely different...  really a win-win for me and for that I am excited...

I thought I would share something from Treasured Memories that I cannot wait to use... These gals are so smart for putting these together... I picked out two (of which one I decided to give away), they were not even on the shelf yet and KC let me take ... but every time I walked past the display I drooled and wanted more... Check this out!

Little bits of ephemera... be still my heart... but beware... the kits do have some odd names...

Another little purchase I made were these little Bo Bunny stamps that are perfect for Mail Art...

I have been seriously busy making these...

Then I also sent off this...

I am currently not registered in any classes... STOP THE PRESSES!!... I know, crazy isn't it? I think I need a mental break though... really with everything I did the past four weeks I'm shocked I'm even still standing... (okay well, right now I'm sitting :)

I thought I would look back to see what I have accomplished in the last 4 weeks:
  • I posted 21  24 times
  • I did WITL... AND completed the album!!
  • I made 20 hybrid invites and posted a tutorial
  • I participated in Storytelling Sunday
  • I completed 2 of the 4 weeks of "Explore", a class with Shimelle
  • I made one three layouts here, here, and here
  • I watched 3 of the 5 days of videos for "Creative Color" class with Christy Tomlinson, and made one canvas
  • I made 13 cards (see above) plus one - here
  • I managed to clean up my blog a bit and post another Mail Art Exchange
  • AND... I finally read 200 more pages of my "Pillars of the Earth" book see #8 from this post!  Now I cannot put it down... thanks to my niece who told me there are a few dry spots and you just need to get through them... so thanks Torrie for the encouragement!
  • Not to mention all the fun family time I've had, I also managed to get in a crop night at Treasured Memories (hopefully I can make a layout about that soon), as well as spending some quality time outside enjoying summer!!
And now... I'm off to do housework... there never seems to be an end to that... vacation or not :)

I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Announcement: Mail Art Exchange No. 2

Update - Mail Art Exchange Now CLOSED.

Hello Everyone!

I know in my previous post I said I would not be announcing the Exchange until September, but I had put more thought into things and realized it's better to announce it now! So here we are...

You will notice I have a page now dedicated to the Mail Art Exchange... Please have a look at it. It will give you background information and explain how things work with the exchange.

I am so excited to share that this will be a theme based exchange! Our theme is:


When I think of Earth , my thoughts go to nature and hiking, I think of green trees and rolling hills, oceans and blue skies. I think of the sun shining down and beautiful moonlit nights

I also think of things like Greenpeace, recycling and saving our planet.

We are approaching Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and so with this change comes falling leaves, cooler weather and warm, earthy toned colours like Autumn yellow, Olive Green and brown... these were the colours picked by Lisa, who won my recent giveaway...

Some creative ideas:
  • use maps of the earth
  • use the colours associated with your part of the earth
  • incorporate different textures, for example wood-grains or leaf motifs
  • animals from nature that make you think of the earth, like birds or polar bears (or whichever animal from your part of the world that makes you think of nature and the earth); use stamps, draw or find pictures
  • finding products you can recycle much like the tutorial I gave here
  • photos, magazine cutouts with your interpretation of the theme; use them in a collage if you like
  • use a Fall coloured palette with patterned paper, paints or inks.
  • create a digital version of the theme and print it out on an envelope, or print onto paper and glue it to an envelope
This should help you get started with your piece of mail... Remember, the theme is broad, so if there is something I have not mentioned here that's okay, just go with it :) You are certainly welcome to e-mail me (ginbin70@ hotmail.com)  if you feel you need to talk it through, or if you are still a bit uncertain.

This Mail Art Exchange is open to anyone, the more the merrier! If you would like to sign up for the exchange, please read this Mail Art Exchange for how it works and what you need to do.

The closing date for signing up is Sunday, September 4th at 1200 noon (MDT).

The Mail Art Exchange posting deadline will be Monday, September 26th.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up these last few days.... I look forward to seeing your "Earth" themed Mail Art!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail Art Exchange

Hello Everyone! We are gearing up for another Mail Art Exchange which will be announced in another couple weeks. So to get everyone in the spirit I thought I would show you a little step by step on something I made recently.

One of the things I heard from several people was that they were not sure if they should participate because they are not very "artsy"... I'm here to tell you that it's okay :) You don't have to be at all! In fact I'm going to show you just how easy it is.

First, I want you to walk through your house and look for things (not scrapbooking related) that you might like to glue to an envelope... sounds silly doesn't it? But, it's easy to find things... look I'll show you what I came up with...
Clockwise from top left... I found a Bath & Body Works pamphlet in my purse that was given to me the other day while shopping, a left over map, my grocery bill which happens to have advertisements on the back of it, some leftover Avery stickers, a claim ticket from duty free, and my favourite... a label that was attached to the jam jar I bought a few weeks ago. Other things you might find interesting... Tea packaging... fruit stickers... drycleaning/parking vouchers.

Okay... so here is my first take at this... If you do not have glue, that is the one thing you will need... I just used Elmers which I bought in the school supply aisle at the local drugstore. I started by placing things on the envelope in a way I thought might be pleasing... It really doesn't matter... I actually didn't really even think about how I wanted this to look, there was NO planning whatsoever :)

Just keep adding things...
Don't forget about the back of the envelope :) This bill was a long one so I was able to wrap it around the entire envelope.

Here is the front... I have pretty much decided at this point that I have glued enough things down. Now I left enough room at the top to add the stamp... the best part about all this is the reaction you might get from the person at the post office! If anything... you should do this just to see if you manage to get a reaction, then you could report back to us :)

Here is something I thought of after taking the initial photo with all the supplies... Hubby printed this off for me (a news article from our Journal)... I thought why let it go to waste and decided to recycle it to the back of the envelope!

Okay so if we stopped here would you be happy? Certainly you could stop here and send this one off and the recipient would think you are amazing!!

But, if you wanted to add just a little bit more because you can... you might try some doodles... Nothing fancy mind you... all you need is a pen...

There... my doodles are on and are by no means perfect! Do I care? Nope... Do I have a theme here? Nope... I like the randomness of this good mail piece... I know exactly where this one is headed and I'm pretty sure she will like it:)

Recently Melissa posted on the Good Mail Day book and how she felt intimidated by some of the mail art sent by others... I was happy to see she found a style that suited her... you can read her post here.

You can also read more about Good Mail Day and Mail Art Exchange by clicking on these headings under my labels section on the left side of my blog.

So if you would like to participate in the next "Mail Art Exchange" then just e-mail me at ginbin70@hotmail.com and I will add your name to our list... In September I will announce when the Mail Art Exchange will be and I have picked a theme so look for that as well!

Thank you for stopping by!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!

Lisa!!! You are the winner! I have your address and you can expect that coming to you in the post!

Thank you to everyone for your comments, I enjoyed reading them...

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you a Mail Art piece I created with items from around my house and none of them are scrapbooking related! Stay tuned :)


I started Shimelle's class "Explore" a few weeks ago and did not get very far, so my goal this week was to review the first weeks material and go from there. Shimelle had several prompts for each day and has us thinking about a variety of things....

One of the prompts was to look at things in a positive way and discuss what is perfect in your life right now... I choose to do a layout about my current vacation and why it is perfect...

Earlier in the week, we were to create some embellishments with maps, and the idea was to create these embellishments without knowing what they would be used for. You can see my map circle embelishments on the layout...

Here are a few close ups of my Explore Paybook and how it is coming along so far...
Many of the prompts involve journaling, you can do as much as you like or as little as you want, but I have put most of my journaling on a tag and placed it behind something in the playbook...
I enjoyed this first week of prompts and looking more closely at where life is at right now... it has forced me to open my eyes to a few things...

I have briefly looked ahead at some of the prompts for the second week and I'm hoping to start working on those soon... Shimelle incorporated prompts that would go with a WITL so I will look back at some of the photos I took for WITL and see how I might incorporate them into "Explore"....

What about you, have any of you been working on the Explore Class? How are you finding the class?

I will be back a little later tonight to draw the winner for my 300th + Blog Post and Giveaway, so if you have not entered, you still have some time. You can see the post here...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Rinda, over at Gallo Organico has a list posted on her blog of a scavenger hunt for some summer photos. Here are just a few of what I have managed to capture over these last couple months.

Okay, so #14 may not be the real deal, but then I haven't seen any real ones EVER (certainly on my list of wanna sees though!!) and #21, well... that's what's hanging on my wall in my dining room :). Come to think of it #19 might be a bit of a stretch as well... but I did not feel like pointing my camera at the real deal under the bump out window outside.

What about you... how are your scavenger photos coming? I've certainly seen many on your blogs!

Digital Card Tutorial - Part III

Hello again! In this tutorial I will be sharing the final touches on how I made this card...

You can see Digital Tutorial Part I, here and Part II here...

In Part II we ended off with completing the insert... One thing I did not mention in Part II was to save that file in its PSD format. This means you want to save it with all the layers open, not merged. That allows you to come back to it in the PSD format and make changes to the card if you like. Go to File and click on Save As...
I have a file created for all my PSD's...

What I did next was open a new file, 8.5 x 11in size. Then I took my insert and dragged it onto that file. That is my first layer.
Instead of copying and pasting, there is a keyboard shortcut to do this with a PC. Hover your mouse on the invite and click your "alt" key, you will then see a double arrow. While still pressing the alt key, click on your mouse and drag. You will then have a second copy of the item and can place it where you like. Repeat this two more times.
Here is my version. Once you have completed copying, then you can save the file  in its PSD format if you like before merging the layers.
Merge the layers by clicking on the background, then while holding the shift key click the top layer, then right click and merge the layers. Now we can print it off. Cut them out and place the insert inside. Add pearls or other embellishment to give it some dimension.

This is the final version with the insert.

Thank you for joining me in this series! I hope I have given you some inspiration with hybrid cards. I see so many people out there making their Christmas Cards, I am considering making mine hybrid and perhaps this is a perfect option for you too!

Enjoy your day!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Creative Color Canvas

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments from yesterday's Storytelling Sunday... I did not mention this but the post was about my grandpa and although I have not had much time to work on my "Explore" class with Shimelle, I thought it would be fun to share his adventure from what I remember and know of his story.

Today I would like to share the canvas I have created from watching the videos in Christy's Creative Color class... This class has been VERY inspirational in that it is getting me to see colour in a different way...

First we start with looking at some photos of various things you might find inspiring, such as different magazines etc. I decided to go to Pinterest and found this combination of colours that I would never normally use or mix together....
Then I found some papers and material I had that would work to create a canvas... 

Here is my canvas....

I used various paints, and different papers from my stash that I don't know where they are from anymore. The large piece of chipboard is from some left over Riff Raff I still have, the butterflies are from ArtChix studio and the large purple Prima flower is one I've had for some time. I used Tim Holtz and Stampin Up stamps and a roller alphabet stamp from Scarlet Lime.

Here are a couple close ups....
Thanks for stopping by.... tomorrow I will share Part III of my digital Card Tutorial... You can see Part 1 here... and Part II here...

If you have not seen my 300th + post giveaway... check it out here and comment by the evening of August 11th. All you Mail Art Exchanger's will not want to miss it!

Have a fabulous day!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Story of a True Pioneer

Karl, the eldest of eight children left his family at 22 years of age to seek the adventure of his life. He boarded the Thuringia, and left Hamburg, Germany on February 29th, 1928.

You can see him standing in the front row, in the middle.
Once they sailed past the English Channel they came across rough seas and storms for several days, where the force of the waves pushed in the outside deck rail. They slept wearing their life jackets and needless to say the passengers were ill, however the story is told that Karl never missed a meal.

They arrived in Halifax harbour on March 11th, where it was recorded by Immigration Canada Karl had $6.00 in his pocket. The plan was for him to travel by train to Saskatchewan where he would meet up with others he knew and start work as a hired hand. "They" told him he would not be travelling on the same train as the others, and it was not clear if he would ever make it to his destination. Once the train stopped in Manitoba, Karl jumped off it and found his friends on another train bound for Humboldt. He paid his fare and was now assured he would make it to his new home.

After two years he saved enough money to purchase his own land... it was bush and needed to be cleared. He did this by hand with an axe and a grub hoe. It was hard labour, but he was what they call a "Pioneer", a settler... and settle he did.


Parts of this story was taken from the Middle Lake "The Vintage Years" book, Copyright 1982.

This story was brought to you by way of Sian's Storytelling Sunday. You can read more stories there, or even join in and link up. Thank you for stopping by!