Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week In The Life

I have decided to participate in Ali's a "Week In The Life". I just ran out to Treasured Memories to get my book and page protectors, I was hoping to get the We Are Memory Keepers page protectors, but really I am happy that I actually got anything for leaving this so late!

Here is what I picked up... a 12x12 American Crafts D-ring binder and some page protectors...

Messy desk eh? There are still a couple things I will purchase... and as for paper... I'm winging it!

I leave you with a photo of Miss Sophie...

Have a great day!!

Did I mention I'm on VACATION???!!! Whoop!


  1. Enjoy your the pic of Miss Sophie!
    Alison xx

  2. Gosh, your shot of Sophie is fantastic Ginger. I am going the digital route for WITL, though, that lovely stash of divided page protectors looks fantastic!

  3. YEAH for vacation! I think I'm going to do the Week in the Life also. I've got my plan mostly worked out, kind of, still have tomorrow to make adjustments! :>)

  4. That's a stunning photo of Miss Sophie! If the rest of your week in your life is as beautiful as this ... :). Hoping you enjoy the process and will be popping back!

  5. Oh miss Sophie you are beautiful :). Happy Hols