Thursday, July 21, 2011

"No Guts... No Glory"

He said it... and it's what I was waiting for!... I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching as Schleck broke ahead of the peleton with close to 60 km to the end... he won the stage... even if you're not a fan you have to admit it was pretty impressive... he is now only 15 seconds behind this man....

Photos courtesy

Thomas Voeckler... he deserves to to keep that yellow jersey for this stage... they say he is not a favourite to win... but I'm not sure... he's worn it now for over a week...

Two more stages before Paris.... lots can still happen... but I'm hoping for a Schleck 1... 2...

Are you watching? Do you have your favourites to win?


  1. Sorry Ginger, our boy deserves it! This little whipper snapper can wait a little longer yet!

  2. TBH, Tour de France is a mystery to me ;-)

    But it's nice to hear you so passionate about the subject!

  3. Exactly what Lisa said!!
    Alison xx

  4. It's a mystery to me too. Formula One is my race of choice

  5. I'm not following it, but can see that it generates a lot of passion and excitement! Hope you continue to enjoy it over the weekend. :)