Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week in review ...

This past week has been super busy... and trying to keep up with everything is very difficult!

I am still able to keep up with your blog posts on my "Be Reader" app, but I'm not able to comment as blogger kicks me out :)

Anyway, I went back to the gym this week and "whew wee" it's tough! My sister and I have discussed going earlier in the morning as we want to get more exercise time in... so now we are meeting at 0500, which means I'll be up at 0430... the thought of it makes me cringe... but I know I can do it!

Other news... After 1 year of waiting we were able to see the men from Ireland... U2 strolled into town with a bigger than life performance at "Commonwealth Stadium" on Wednesday evening.... The show was good, the props were exciting and the music was fantastic. Hard to believe it's 28 years since I bought their first album... moving on!

After the show it was difficult to catch a cab back to our friends house so we walked... 5.3 km! It took 1 hour and I did not get to bed until 0120! Needless to say I was more than a bit tired the next day at work... note to self - "take a vacation day post concert for recuperation" (don't fight it... you are no longer 20!).

Thursday marked the start of 2 new classes at BPC that I signed up for... "Finding Photo Freedom" and "Collage Composition" and I have only had time here and there to check out this weeks class material... hoping to get some time this afternoon :)

Arlene came over on Thursday after work and we went over the plan for the beds... which leads to our day yesterday and a few photos I manged to upload!

Let me just say... I am extremely sore today! We did lots of digging and I'm pretty sure Arlene did not think we would manage getting all of the plants in the ground... but both Marvin and I said we couldn't bare looking at them the next day and have to deal with more digging! So it took us a full days work with going to the greenhouse, picking them out and then driving home and planting... Oh yeah... and we were lucky enough to be able to open our gate to back in the truck and unload them as just after that the neighbourhood had some sort of a power problem. Our fridge and freezer had no power while other parts of the house did! Luckily, Epcor came out and fixed it... funnily... when we heard the Epcor truck pull up in front of the house I walked to the truck to talk with the technician but was not the only one... all of the neighbours were making their way to see what the problem was... Sounded like a fuse was blown and so all of us only had half the power to our homes.

So there is a bit of what my week has been like! Once we get the mulch onto the beds I will share more photos and explain what some of the shrubs/trees/perennials are that we planted.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. The garden looks wonderful and so much better without those trees! Looking forward to seeing the plants & learning their names. You worked so hard but it was worth it! well done.

  2. What a busy week but wow U2, that was worth the hike home :) Blogger was driving me nuts with comments, here's what works for me...when you sign in unclick the keep me signed in box, doing that Blogger is letting me comment :) Yay for finishing the planting1

  3. How awesome that you got the yard work done - it looks great!

  4. Your garden is looking great - looking forward to your next post and hoping I can get mine done this summer.

  5. Sounds exhausting but the garden is looking good. I couldn't face the early start for the gym though, well done you.

  6. Wow, that is some week! The garden is looking fantastic. And you completely have my admiration - I couldn't get up at that time for anything. Not exercise and possibly not enough Bono. So - respect!

  7. Your back yard looks fab! I know what you mean about starting and wanting to finish the same day. I did my mum's garden a few years back and was still out when it was raining. My mum had to practically drag me inside!!!

  8. What a difference the plants have made to the beds...looking forward to watching it grow! I am VERY impressed at going to the Gym at any time...but 5am-WOW!
    Alison xx

  9. That sounds pretty busy indeed! Kudos on the getting up early to exercise, bleh....

    PS I had the Blogger comment issue thing too; I unticked the 'keep me signed in' box and it worked for me (like Beverly said above!)

  10. The beds look fantastic. Hard work, but now it's done! I bet U2 was amazing. I hear you on taking a vaca day the day after. I went to a ton of rock concerts when I lived in Orlando. It never bothered me to go to bed at 2 AM with ears ringing and wake up at 7 AM to go to work. Now? I'm not sure the body can take the abuse anymore. But for U2 I'd have to test that theory! :)

  11. quite a week but those flower beds will look amazing when they are filled with texture and colour - so worth the aching muscles!