Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pinterest Interest.... Mmmmm Beware!

As I mentioned in a post not that long ago, I had a goal to limit my time on Pinterest to 1 hour a week... It started off not being a problem until today... yes... I had very little time today to do anything as I am preparing for a large gathering tomorrow at my home... however... every bit of free time has been spent browsing this addictive little site.... I did join Tumblr almost a year ago for the very reason I joined Pinterest... so part of my avoidance has been because "well why would I pin things I love when I can bookmarklet those very same pretties onto my Tumblr site?"

The thing is... Tumbr does have different ways you can set up your site, but Pinterest is so very easy to use, and I really love that I can see all my pretties together on my computer at once... I also like the organization of things on Pinterest versus Tumblr... plus... I can pin faster than I can post to tumblr...

If you are still not sold on the whole Pinterest thing have a read at Sian's post here... she gives a great explanation of how Pinterest works....

In the meantime... Here are some pretties for you to enjoy!

Source: via Ginger on Pinterest

So how about it? Will you start pinning??


  1. I can smell those roses from here!
    I have joined pinterest but have not yet dabbled ... I'm a bit scared actually!

    Thanks for your support of the new SAG blog Ginger - all the girls are thrilled and really appreciate the time you have taken to visit!

  2. I love that flower on top of a printed page. I must try that when I get new ink in my printer. I have only just joined the world of bogging and I think that is taking up too much of my time so I'm giving Pinterest a miss for now.

  3. i love pinterest. I dip in and out and so far, have managed to hold back from the time sucker aspect of all that gorgeousness! I love some of your pins (the peonies here are superb) so I'm following you!

  4. It sure is addictive that's for sure. I too haven't really had chance to sit down and really get into it, but seeing all your lovely pins, I think I could lose the afternoon.

  5. Isn't it just the best fun? I joined tumblr too about a year ago, but we never really hit it off. I enjoy Pinterest a lot more!

  6. I'm addicted too.... I've had to avoid logging on today because I need to catch up on blogs and if I even just take a 'quick look' I know I won't surface for a couple of hours!!

  7. Oh...SO many amazing things on Pintrest. I think I love it just a little bit too much! btw, you didn't link YOUR page so we can see what else you love!

  8. So far I'm finding Pinterest a useful tool - and not spending too much time browsing, but's it hard not to want to look around. I'm sure I could spend hours and hours just looking at lovely craft spaces like the one you pinned.